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Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (December 25)

[Image from Flickr/Al Jazeera English] [Image from Flickr/Al Jazeera English]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.] 

Regional and International Relations

Britain could deploy more troops to Gulf, says David Cameron Emma Graham-Harrison examines military relations between the United Kingdom and the Gulf countries, in The Guardian.

David Cameron visits Oman as BAE announces £2.5bn defence deal – video A media report on Cameron’s visit to Muscat, in The Guardian.

Oman set to buy 20 aircraft from BAe Emma Graham-Harrison reports on the latest arms deal between Oman and the United Kingdom, in The Guardian. 

Reports and Opinions  

Jumbo fit for a prince the £240 million private jet with a Turkish bath, boardroom and concert hall Hannah Roberts reports on Prince al-Walid bin Talal al-Saud’s customized Airbus A380, in the Daily Mail.

The Environmental Conference of the Bourgeoisie Rami Zurayk examines the paradoxes of holding the international conference on climate change in Qatar, on al-Akhbar English.

Omanis vote in municipal elections A news reports on municipal election in Oman, on al-Jazeera English.

Prominent Saudi Writer Arrested After Controversial Tweets A news report on the arrest of Turki al-Hamad after he criticized Islamists on Twitter, on Riyadh Bureau.

Crisis in Yemen

Yemen’s president shakes up the army A news report on President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi’s efforts to curb the influence of Saleh’s loyalists in the army, on al-Jazeera English.

Yemen Army Strikes Gunmen for Oil Pipeline Blasts A news report on a military operation against tribesmen suspected of attacking oil pipelines and electricity stations.

Three Westerners kidnapped in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa A news report on the kidnapping of three Europeans in Sanaa, on BBC.

Kidnappings of foreigners on rise in Yemen Joe Sheffer writes on the implication of the capture of an Austrian man and Finish couple in Sanaa, in The Guardian.

Yemen’s winter of discontent Nasser Arraabyee reflects on political protests in Yemen vis-à-vis the uprisings in the region, on Al-Ahram Weekly. 

Bleeding resources A news report on Yemen’s economic losses since the outbreak of the 2011 revolution, on Al-Ahram Weekly. 

Repression in Bahrain

Bahrain Welcomes European Delegation, Not Delegates’ Calls to Free Dissidents Robert Mackey reports on a visit by a delegation from the European Parliament to discuss human rights issues in the kingdom, in The New York Times.

MP refuses to accept hamper from Bahrain’s ambassador Rajeev Syal reports on a Fortnum & Mason package sent from Bahrain’s ambassador to London to Ann Clwyd, Labour MP and member of a select committee inquirying into human rights abuses in the Gulf state, in The Guardian.

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International

Saudi Arabia: Website Editor Facing Death Penalty A statement by HRW calling upon the Saudi authorities to drop all charges against Raif Badawi. 

Bahrain: Child held without charge in adult prison A statement by AI condemning the detention of a sixteen-year-old boy.


الجفاء العربي غير المبرر لثورة شعب البحرين
Dr. Said al-Shihabi discusses the unjustified Arab silence on the revolution in Bahrain.

أميركا تخفض وجودها العسكري في الكويت
Mohammed Dalbah reports on the United States' intention to decrease its presence in Kuwait.

عمان: "إصلاحات تخديرية" وسلطان خارج المساءلة
Joumana Farhat writes on the bogus reforms in Oman.

المعارضة تتظاهر عشية قمة مجلس التعاون في المنامة
An article on protests in Bahrain on the eve of the eve of the Gulf Cooperation Council summit.

نجاح حملة "أنا نازل" في إقرار إخلاء جامعة صنعاء من العسكر
An article on the success of the campaign demanding the removal of the military in the University of Sanaa.

انتخابات مجالس عمان البلدية في ضوء نتائجها: إقبال متوسط... وأربعة مقاعد للنساء
Mu'taz Maidani writes on the municipal elections in Oman.

الخبير الاستراتيجي اليمني الدكتور عبد العزيز الترب ل"القدس العربي": ضعف الدولة اليمنية جعل منها ساحة صراع لتصفية حسابات بين إيران والسعودية القرارت القادمة تشمل دمج جهازي المخابرات السياسي والقومي تحت قيادة وزير الداخلية
Khalid al-Hamadi interviews Dr. Abdul Aziz al-Turb about the political situation in Yemen.

سعوديات يساهمن في دخل اسرهن بإنتاج الخبز التقليدي
A news report on Saudi women's efforts to increase their families' incomes by making traditional bread.

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