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Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (June 26)

[Saudi Air Force Exhibition at Janadriya, Riyadh, March 2011. Photo by Rosie Bsheer] [Saudi Air Force Exhibition at Janadriya, Riyadh, March 2011. Photo by Rosie Bsheer]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]

Regional and International Perspectives

Saudi Arabia plans to fund Syria rebel army An exclusive report written by Martin Chulov and Ewen MacAskill on Saudi Arabia's role in providing weapons and financial support to the Free Syria Army, in The Guardian.

The Gulf Union: Building Castles Out of Fear Yazan al-Saadi on the mixed responses by the governments and the public in the Gulf to King Abdulla bin Abdul-Aziz al-Saud's call for a "Gulf Union."

Repression in Bahrain

Allegations denied A response issued by Fahad A. al-Binali, from the President's office of Bahrain, rejecting the allegations made in an article written by Ian Black in The Guardian, on the role of Prince Nasser bin Hamad al-Khalifa in torturing Bahraini protesters.

Britain urged to ban royal head of Bahrain Olympic committee Ian Black writes on the call in Britain to ban Prince Nasser bin Hamad al-Khalifa from entering the United Kingdom for his role in torturing protesters in Bahrain, in The Guardian.

Bahrain: a special case among the Arab spring uprisings Ian Black reflects on the causes of protests in Bahrain and the Western governments' silence on human rights abuses in the country, in The Guardian.

As Hopes for Reform Fade in Bahrain, Protesters Turn Anger on United States Kareem Fahim provides an account of protests against the US support of the Bahraini royal family, in The New York Times.

Bahrain puts boy aged 11 on trial for alleged role in roadblock protest Saeed Kamali Dehghan on Ali Hasan, the 11-year boy who spent a month in police custody, in The Guardian.

Bahrain signs point to growth of conflict Simeon Kerr provides an account of the continuing crackdown in Bahrain and the close relations between the Bahraini royal family and Western governments, in Financial Times.

Crisis in Yemen

We urgently need to tackle malnutrition in Yemen, says Unicef Mark Tran examins the food crisis in Yemen, in The Guardian.

'Fighters killed' in Yemen air raids A news report on the death of a Yemeni Red Cross worker and thirty alleged al-Qaeda fighters, on al-Jazeera English.

Yemen detains Al-Qaeda leader A news report on the detention of Sami Dayyan in the crackdown following the assassination of Major General Salem Qatan, in al-Akhbar English.

Death of Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud: Obituaries, Succession and Commentaries

Prince Nayef's death makes a big difference in the Middle East Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi analyzes Prince Nayef's influence in the region, including Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Egypt, and Yemen, in The Guardian.

Crown Prince Nayef: A legacy to remember Hala Al-Dosari writes on Prince Nayef's views on women, on al-Jazeera English.

President Obama Announces Presidential Delegation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Offer Condolences for the Passing of Crown Prince Nayif bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud A statement issued by The White House on the Presidential Delegation sent to Saudi Arabia.

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International

Bahrain: Reject Confessions Linked to Torture Joe Stork, deputy Middler East director at Human Rights Watch, calls for the disregard of confessions obtained under torture.

Oman: Activist arrests threaten freedom of expression A statement by Amnesty International condemning the arrest of human rights activists in Oman.

Policy and Reports

The long day closes An article on the Saudi royal family, and the political and social conditions in the kingdom, in The Economist.

Oman: Waking up too An article on the protests in Oman, in The Economist.

US to extend military presence in Kuwait Rosiland Jordan reports on the Congressional report regarding the increase the US troops in Kuwait to respond to any conflict that may erupt in the region, in al-Jazeera English.

US plans significant military presence in Kuwait Donna Cassata offers a detailed account of the United States' decision to increase the number of its troops in Kuwait, in The Associated Press.

Kuwait opposition demand "full parliamentary system" A news report on the demands made by some Kuwaiti members of parliament.

Oman's late bloom into spring A news report on the crackdowns on Omani activists who are calling for reforms, on The Stream in al-Jazeera English.

Kenya maids barred from Mid-East A news report on the Kenyan Government's decision to ban its citizens from working as domestic maids in the Middle East, with a special reference to numbers of workers and laws in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi man executed for 'witchcraft and sorcery' A news report on the beheading of Muree bin Ali bin Issa al-Asiri, on BBC.

Opposition grows to Kuwaiti court ruling Camilla Hall analyzes the Kuwaiti royal family's attitudes towards a strong parliament, in Financial Times.

London 2012 Olympics: Saudis allow women to compete A news report by Frank Gardner on the Saudi women's participation in the Olympic Games for the first time.

Qatar seeks $5bn investment in China's capital market A news report on Qatar's plans to increase its investment quota in China.

Briton sentenced to death in UAE for selling drugs A news report on the death sentence meted to a twenty-one year old British citizen for selling 260 pounds' worth of drugs.


جمال خاشقجي: الأمير سلمان... والشرق الأوسط الجديد

Jamal Khashoqji on Prince Salman and the new Middle East.

السعودية: لهذه الأسباب سارع الملك إلى اختيار سلمان ولياً للعهد
An opinion piece on King Abdulla's quick decision to choose Prince Salman as a successor.

أسعد أبو خليل: مات نايف، أهرقوا الدموع
As'ad AbuKhalil writes a sarcastic article on the expressions of sadness for Prince Nayef's death.

فادي الزين: الكويت: القضاء يسقط البرلمان

Fadi al-Zain examines the implications of the Constitutional Court's decision to annul the current parliament and to reinstate the previous one.

جمال جبران: الالتفات للملف اليمني سيتأخر
Jamal Jubran on the Yemeni file and the Saudi royal family in light of the announcement of Prince Salman as the Crown Prince.

جمانة فرحات: سلمان أمام ملف الإصلاح
Joumana Farhat writes on Crown Prince Salman's views on political reforms.

الامير طلال: الملكية المطلقة لم تعد تتماشى مع لغة العصر
Prince Tala bin Abdul-Aziz on absolute monarchy in Saudi Arabia.

حسين مجدوبي: اسبانيا تراهن على السعودية لعقد صفقات ضخمة والمساعدة في الخروج من الازمة الاقتصادية
Hussein Majdoubi on Spain's arms deals to Saudi Arabia.
البحرين: إصابة سلمان خلال قمع مسيرة
A news report on crushing protests in Bahrain and the injury of Ali Salman, head of the Wifaq Movement.

فادي الزين: الحكومة تستقيل... والمعارضة تنقل الأزمة إلى الشارع
Fadi al-Zain on the parliamentarian crisis in Kuwait.

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