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Photography Media Roundup (Nov 3)

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on photography in and of the region and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Photography Page Editor or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each month’s roundup to]


Women Picturing Revolution The International Center for Photography in New York City hosts an event  on 16 November featuring photography from fine art to documentary of wars and revolutions by women photographers. Grace Aneiza, Donna De Cesare, Tanya Habjouqa, and Muriel Hasbun will make up a panel and engage in dialogue and discussion.


Palestinian street workout uses everything from rebar to rubble MacLeans presents photographs by Hosam Salem of street workout, a sport combing strength and gymnastics, in the remains of Israeli shelling in Gaza.

Art festival explores Palestinian right of return Al Jazeera In Pictures presents photographs of the Qalandiya International contemporary arts biennial.


Go Inside an Underground Amusement Park in Syria Time Lightbox presents photographs by Mohammed Badra of Childhood Land, a safe space for Syrian children to be children, underground.

The Region

See How Life Has Changed in the Middle East Over 58 Years National Geographic presents a video of a collection of photographs by former US Foreign Service Officer Colbert Held of seventeen countries providing rare glimpses into history.

These stunning photos show what the fight against ISIS looks like The Washington Post’s In Sight presents photographer Emilien Urbano’s project “War of a Forgotten Nation” about the Kurdish and Turkish groups fighting ISIS.

Photographer Yusuke Suzuki: Discovering the meaning of war Qantara takes a look at the work of Japanese photographer Yuskue Suzuki’s work in Syria, Afghanistan, and Greece.


What it’s like to live among the clouds in the mountain villages in Yemen The Washington Post’s In Sight takes a look at photographs by Abdujabbar Zeyad about the lives of people living high up in the mountains in Raymah province, away from war but amid their own challenges.


The Road to Mosul: What ISIS Leaves Behind Time Lightbox presents photographs by Magnus Wennman of villages once occupied by ISIS as a way to illustrate what is ISIS.

Migration and Refugees

Inside the Libyan Detention Centers Where Humanity Ceases to Exist Time Lightbox presents photographs by Narcisco Contreras of Libya where migrants and smuggling intersect and humans and their migrations to Europe become an economy.

On the road with Afghan refugees: From Kabul to Lesbos Al Jazeera In Pictures presents photographs by Jim Huylebroek of the journey of Afghan refugees seeking refuge, while the EU is denying asylum applications.

After Egypt’s Revolution, a New Start in American Exile New York Times Lens Blog presents the journey of Amr Alfiqy and his friends through words and photographs as they try to find meaning and a path in the United States after the revolution.

Syrian refugees: a permanently temporary life Al Jazeera In Pictures presents photographs by Changiz M Varzi of daily life in Jarrahia, an informal refugee camp in Lebanon.


Now and then: Photographing the Battles for Sirte Time Lightbox presents photographs by Fabio Bucciarelli who covered the Gaddafi uprising five years ago, and returns now to the same locations as battles rage against ISIS.

About the Photography Page

The photography page aims to provide a space for reflection on photography in its various forms and uses in the Middle East. We showcase the work of photographers active in the region and cultivate critical thinking about photographic practices, representations, and history. The page publishes photo essays, articles, interviews, reviews and more. It also provides information on photographic archives, agencies, and institutions, exhibits, events, and publications.