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Photography Media Roundup (4 August)

 [This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on photography in and of the region and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Photography Page Editor or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each month’s roundup to]

History, Theory, Criticism

10 Years After the Lebanon War: The Photos that Moved Them Most Time Lightbox presents personal account and work by eighteen photographers who were in Lebanon in 2006 to photograph the war.


A photographer wants you to see where these war-affected children sleep Gulf Digital News presents photos by Swedish photojournalist Magnus Wennman of Syrian refugee sleeping after being displaced by war.


When War is Just Another Day in Afghanistan Time Lightbox presents work by and an interview with Australian photographer Andrew Quilty about his work in Afghanistan for the past three years.

Inside a frontline hospital in Afghanistan Al Jazeera In Pictures presents a story about Boost Hospital in the Helmand Province that has been inundated with patients since a Doctors Without Borders Hospital was bombed in October 2015 by the U.S. army.


Celebrating Ramadan in occupied Palestine Al Jazeera In Pictures takes a look at images of Palestinian Muslims celebrating Ramadan while Israeli military continues its presence.

Inside of Palestine’s First Skate Camps Vice presents photos, video, and interview with New York filmmaker Adam Abel and Palestinian activist Mohammed Othman went to Qalqilya to film a documentary about a skateboarder and ended up building a skate park.


Fierce Fighting Rages in Liyba Al Jazeera In Pictures takes a look at the Libyan National Army’s efforts to regain Sirte, a major stronghold for ISIL (ISIS).


Harrowing images what war against the Islamic State on Iraq’s front lines looks like The Washington Post In Sight takes a look at the work of Ricardo Garcia Vilanova as he documents the details of war alongside Kurdish forces.

Life of the frontlines of Iraq Al Jazeera In Pictures takes a look at Peshmerga units in northern Iraq, living on constant guard against ISIL (ISIS).

Displaced Iraqis take final exams amid chaos of war Al Jazeera In Pictures presents a story about Hamdaniyah University of displaces Iraqi students going about their final exam schedule despite war around them.


Turkey’s coup attempt captured in dramatic images Al Jazeera In Pictures presents a collection of images throughout Turkey the night of the coup attempt.






About the Photography Page

The photography page aims to provide a space for reflection on photography in its various forms and uses in the Middle East. We showcase the work of photographers active in the region and cultivate critical thinking about photographic practices, representations, and history. The page publishes photo essays, articles, interviews, reviews and more. It also provides information on photographic archives, agencies, and institutions, exhibits, events, and publications.