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Photography Media Roundup (7 July)

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on photography in and of the region and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Photography Page Editor or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each month’s roundup to]


Leila Alaoui: An Artist to Remember Nafas highlights Alaoui’s life, work and the goals of the Foundation Leila Alaoui.

Noor Photo Agency Adds Two Photographers Time Lightbox briefly highlights the work of Tanya Habjouqa and Robin Hammond, the newest members of Noor.

You’re A Photographer Covering the Iranian Revolution. Now, What Do You Do? Time Lightbox takes a look at the video game created by Iranian Navid Khonsari in which he reflects upon his own personal experiences growing up in Iran during the revolution, to present a game in which the player is a photographer navigating through this historic time.


An Emerging Tattoo Culture in Egypt Mada Masr Panorama presents a photo essay about tattoo artists in Cairo.

Egypt builds new homes to replace crumbling slums Reuters The Wider Image presents a photo essay by Mahmoud Mourad of those living in unsafe slums moving to new flats, as part of a project initiated by President al-Sisi.


Tragically beautiful images show the effects of the phosphate mining industry in Tunisia The Washington Post In Sight takes a look at the photo documentation by Zied Ben Romdhane about the miners behind one of Tunisia’s important economic resources.

Ramadan in Kelibia Tunisia Live presents a blog post with photos about Bab Blad, a neighborhood in Tunisia’s northeastern peninsula. 

The Walls of Tabarka Tunisia Live presents a blog post with photos of the historic city of Tabarka. 

Sousse Attack, First Anniversary Tunisia Live takes a look at the ceremony held in memorial of those killed in the Riu Imperial Marhaba terror attack.


Yuri Kozyrev: On the Front Lines of the War Against ISIS Time Lightbox presents an interview and work by Yuri Kozyrev of his time documenting the U.S. invasion from 2002-2009.


Photographing Turkey’s Hidden Way Time Lightbox presents the work of Emin Ozmen as he documents the war and displacement between the Turkish government and the Kurds in southeastern Turkey.


Troubled Waters Foreign Policy Aperture presents the photo essay by Solmaz Daryani about the now desert-like Lake Urmia and the effect on the land and people.


Stories from Palestine Told Through Dresses Al Jazeera In Pictures takes a look at Noora Husseini’s modern clothing line that draws in traditional Palestinian dress and history.


About the Photography Page

The photography page aims to provide a space for reflection on photography in its various forms and uses in the Middle East. We showcase the work of photographers active in the region and cultivate critical thinking about photographic practices, representations, and history. The page publishes photo essays, articles, interviews, reviews and more. It also provides information on photographic archives, agencies, and institutions, exhibits, events, and publications.