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Changing the Status Quo: What Directions for Palestinians?

The Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research has issued today five papers and a final report on:

Changing the Status Quo:
What Directions for Palestinians?

The papers address five proposed directions for Palestinian to take in order to change the status quo: popular resistance, boycott, ending security coordination, embracing a rights-based approach, and return to negotiations. The final report summarizes the main findings of research, papers, and public opinion polls among the Palestinian public on the best course of action. The final report is also based on debate among members of a task force in closed workshops held between October 2015 and February 2016.  For access to all five papers and the final report, visit:

Given the current stalemate in Palestinian-Israeli relations and the potential for wide-scale escalation in the near future, PSR has conducted a 6-month policy research on new directions for the Palestinians. The research sought to explore Palestinian discourse on the best means to move forward. Five short policy papers, written by senior Palestinian experts and academics, explore various approaches and directions for the PA to take. All these directions are currently part of the Palestinian public and elite discourse. Each paper describes a specific approach, outlining its potential impact on the Palestinians and Israelis and exploring its contribution to a more effective Palestinian strategy to end the occupation. Each approach therefore represents a component in a larger proposed strategy. The five papers were reviewed and discussed by a task force made up of the five authors and fifteen reviewers and discussants. The discussion of the papers took place in six closed workshops attended by experts, policy makers, academics and activists. An open conference was organized on 29 February and was devoted to a discussion of all five papers.

Support for the project was provided by the Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre (NOREF) and the Netherland Representative Office in Ramallah.

For the full text of the final report, please go to:

For the executive summary of the final report, please go to:


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