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Photography Media Roundup (2 June)

 [This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on photography in and of the region and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Photography Page Editor or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each month’s roundup to]

History, Theory, Criticism

A Photo Exhibition About Israel and the West Hyperallergic presents a critique about the vision of the photo exhibit The Place.

Middle Eastern Photographers Capture Small Joys Amid Big Conflicts The New York Times takes a look at the work of Middle Eastern women photographers and how they go beyond cliché imagery to capture the many layers of identities for Middle Eastern women.

Beirut: The Golden Age in Pictures Alrifai presents a collection of historical photographs of Beirut from the 60s, when the city gained the name “the Paris of the Middle East.”

10 Questions for Photographer Tanya Habjouqa The Arts Desk presents an interview with photographer Tanya Habjouqa.


Meet the Female Kurdish Fighters Battling ISIL Al Jazeera In Pictures takes a look at a group of the YPJ launching operations against ISL in northern Syria to protect the Tishrin Dam, a major energy provider to Kobane.

Syria Civil War: New Beginnings in Kobane Al Jazeera In Pictures takes a look at Kobane as Syrians slowly begin to return to their home and rebuild.


Gaza Teenager Runs for Palestine Al Jazeera In Pictures presents the story of fifteen year old Inas Nofal, a Palestinian runner who aims to win international medals.

Thousands of Palestinians on Waiting List at Rafah Al Jazeera In Pictures presents a photo essay about the 30,000 Palestinians waiting to travel outside Gaza through the Rafah crossing to Egypt.

Gaza Rolls Out the Red Carpet Al Jazeera In Pictures presents a photos from the second annual Human Rights Film Festival in Gaza.

A Fresh Harvest for Farmer’s in Gaza Al Jazeera In Pictures takes a look at the International Committee of the Red Cross re-levelling 250 hectares of land and assisting farmers to tend the land.


Yazidi Girls Find Refuge in Photography
The Daily Star presents an article about Yazidi women refugees learning photography as a means of expression and documentation for work.

About the Photography Page

The photography page aims to provide a space for reflection on photography in its various forms and uses in the Middle East. We showcase the work of photographers active in the region and cultivate critical thinking about photographic practices, representations, and history. The page publishes photo essays, articles, interviews, reviews and more. It also provides information on photographic archives, agencies, and institutions, exhibits, events, and publications.