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Yemen's Political Economy: An Anthropologist's Perspective - A STATUS/الوضع Conversation with Martha Mundy

 In this interview for STATUS/الوضع, host Moe Ali Nael interviews anthropologist Martha Mundy, who weighs in on the  political, economic, and social challenges in Yemen.

Martha Mundy taught at Yarmouk University, UCLA, the American University of Beirut, Université Lyon 2 Lumière, and the London School of Economics where she is professor emerita of anthropology. Major books were Domestic Government: Kinship, community and polity in North Yemen (1995), and with R. Saumarez Smith, Governing Property, Making the Modern State: Law, administration and production in Ottoman Syria (2007). She helped to found LSEStaffagainstWar, Naftana (the UK support committee for the Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions), BRICUP (British Committee for the Universities of Palestine, ), and Thimar (Research Collective on Agriculture, Environment and Labour in the Arab World, ).



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