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Photography Media Roundup (September 4)

[This is a roundup of articles on photography in the Middle East and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Photography Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in roundups to]


Call for Exhibition Proposals 2016, Center for Culture and Development Images’ program, Denmark.
Focusing on East and West Africa and the Middle East. Deadline 1 November.

Return of the Soul at the Prince Claus Fund Gallery
Exhibition of five Arab photographers’ work from across the Middle East. Begins 16 September in Amsterdam.

2015 Principal Prince Claus Award goes to Newsha Tavakolian
Iranian photographer Newsha Tavakolian and Iraqi photographer Latif Al-Ani honored among other laureates.


Children of the Moon, Mada Masr Panorama
Intimate photos of Tunisian children with XP, a genetic disorder in children in which UV rays and sunlight easily cause burns and cancer, forcing them to stay indoors during daytime. Photos by Zied Ben Romdhane.

Closets Full of Dreams: Inside Egypts Sexual Harassment Crisis, Time Lightbox
A portrait series juxtaposing portraits of women and the clothes they would like to wear in public if treatment of women was different. Photos by Roger Anis.

Turning Point: Mohammed Elshamy, Lens Blog, NYT
Photojournalist Mohammed Elshamy talks about one photo that marked a turning point for him in his career.


Life Inside Gaza’s Only Women’s Prison, Al Jazeera In Pictures
Photos of Gaza’s only women’s prison, the Reform and Rehabilitation Centre for Women in Gaza City with roughly forty inmates, and their journey to rehabilitation. Photos by Celia Peterson.

The Scars of War, Al Jazeera In Pictures
Photo essay showing how all Palestinians are still affected by Israel’s war on Gaza in 2014 and the continuing blockade. Photos by Karl Schembri.


Afghan Shelter Provides Security for Abused Women, Al Jazeera In Pictures
Photos of women healing at the Afghan Women Skills Development Center, an NGO to help female victims of domestic violence, child marriage, and forced prostitution. Photos by Marielle van Uitert.

Discover an Enduring Afghanistan Through Its Landscape, Time Lightbox
Portraits of Afghanistan’s landscape in different seasons. Photos by Simon Norfolk. 

Afghanistan’s Modern Past, Qantara
The German press agency (dpa) recently released a series of historical photos of Afghanistan. This is a selection that highlights women in public life.


Connecting With Syrian Refugees, Lens Blog, NYT
Partners Marieke van der Velden and Philip Brink document their visit Syrian refugees in Lebanon in a project to connect them to people in the Netherlands.

Syrian Refugee Mothers Struggle With Parenthood, The National
The Associated Press profiled and photographed pregnant refugees in March. Now months later, Muhammed Muheisen, the AP’s chief photographer for the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan, returned to see how their lives had changed since the birth of their children.


I Read, I Write ... I Speak! A talk by Laura Boushnak, YouTube
Laura Boushnak's TEDx talk about her documentary photography project “I Read I Write,” which explores the role of literacy in improving the lives of Arab women, and the barriers they face to accessing education.

Aftermath: A Photo Essay on Yemen's Victims of Saudi Airstrikes, The Intercept
Photos and text tell the stories of those affected by Saudi airstrikes in rural Yemen. Photos by Alex Potter.

Ramadan at the Farm: Syrian Refugees Found a Way to Survive, Your Middle East
Photos of the life of a Syrian refugee family living on a Jordanian farm during Ramadan. Photos by Rosie Lyse Thompson.

Crossing Qalandia, and the Wall, During Ramadan, Mondoweiss
Photos of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians crossing through Qalandia and along the Wall during eased Israeli restrictions. Photos by Karam Saleem.

Iraq’s Famed Marshes are Disappearing - Again, National Geographic
Photos and text about those living and working in the marshes in Iraq and how they’re coping with water shortage and the resulting problems. Photos by Carolyn Drake.

Inside Kobani and the Kurdish War on ISIS, Time Lightbox
Photos of Kobani six months after it was liberated from ISIS. Photos by Lorenzo Meloni and Moises Saman. 

Lebanons #YouStink Anti Government Protests, The Atlantic
Photos of the protests in Beirut about the garbage crisis and government ineffectiveness.

The Next Revolution in Photography is Coming, Time Lightbox
A discussion about the future of photography and the digital image. 

Kurdish Smugglers, Mada Masr Panorama
Photo essay about the lives of smugglers in Kurdistan. Photos by Aram Karim.

Brutal Images of Syrian Boy Drowned Off Turkey Must Be Seen, Activists Say, New York Times
Summary of recent debate over whether to publish heartbreaking images of refugee deaths.

Images of Palestinian Pleasure Not Allowed, New York Times
Copies of Tanya Habjouqa's book Occupied Pleasures on the way to a book launch in Ramallah are detained by Israeli authorities.

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