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Photography Media Roundup (July 2)

[This is a roundup of articles on photography in the Middle East and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Photography Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in roundups to]


Contemporary Image Collective, Cairo, Egypt
Sign up now for crash courses in photography.
CIC also announces the availability of studios for rent from 1 June to 15 August 2015. The space consists of five medium sized and very well lit rooms/ studios.

The Long Read: NYUAD’s Center for Photography unveils a new collection of antique images from the Middle East, The National
The center has acquired a collection of photographs taken in the Middle East from the 1920s to 1950s.


Exodus, The Washington Post
An in-depth story containing photos, maps, an article, and infographics about a family’s 1600-mile journey from Syria to Austria. Part of the Exodus series, a series examining the causes and impact of global migration due to war and poverty.

Kurdish Syrians, Beyond the Border Crossing, NYT Lens Blog
Finnish documentary photographer Esa Ylijaasko’s long term and intimate project on Syrian refugees in the Suleymaniye neighborhood of Istanbul. 


Jordan a “haven” for regional artists, Al Jazeera In Pictures
A photo story that shows that despite the strain on the economy from the influx of refugees in Jordan the art and culture sector is flourishing.


Cairo Subway Thrives Beneath Chaos, The National, National View
Photos of Cairo’s crowded yet effective subway system.

The Orchard Keepers, Mada Masr Panorama
A photo essay by Bryony Dunne documenting the Gabaliya tribe’s maintenance of orchards dating back to biblical times in the South Sinai’s mountain valleys.

35mm Film Saved From Garbage Uncovers Rare Footage From Across Egypt, Egyptian Streets
A multimedia journalist cleans and prints 35mm film negatives that had been discarded in the street.


Meet the Afghan Photographers Telling Their County’s Stories, Time Lightbox
Article and trailer for a documentary about the reemergence of photojournalism in Afghanistan through the lives of four Afghan photojournalists.

Finding Afghanistan’s Resilient Spirit Amid the Destruction, Time Lightbox
Afghan photographer Zalmaï releases a photo book focusing on Afghani’s emotions and their fight for normality despite war.


A Report Card: Iran and its Afghan Children, The Guardian
A look at the situation of Afghan children in Iran with photos by Shahriar Khonsari. Up to three million Afghans live and work in Iran.

The Contemporary Iranian Photography by Anahita Ghabaian, L’Oeil de la Photographie
A profile of Silkroad, the important photography gallery in Tehran, with links to a number of articles on the photographers who show there.


The Battle for Beirut’s Skylines, Al Jazeera In Pictures
Activists seek to preserve Beirut’s architectural history and buildings in the midst of a building boom.

Power Struggle Rages in Libyan Coastal Town, Al Jazeera In Pictures
Two tribes in the town of Ubari fight for control backed by the two different bitterly divided Libyan governments.

War Through the Eyes of Yemen’s First Female Photojournalist, CairoScene
This piece profiles Amira Al-Sharif, who photographed Yemen’s uprising in 2011, women in prison in Yemen, and is now working on a series of images of layered photos reflecting on the death and destruction resulting from the Saudi war on Yemen.

Following Smugglers in Kurdistan, NYT Lens Blog
A look at Iraqi photographer Aram Karim’s photo work about smuggling in Kurdistan.

A Female Fantasia, NYT Lens Blog
Photo story by Zara Samiry about women taking up the centuries-old performance of Fantasia in Morocco.

Saudi Streets, Mada Masr Panorama
Street photography by Zuhair Ahmad from twenty cities across Saudi Arabia.

The World From Behind the Niqab, Focus News
Photographs by Hassan Ammar taken through a niqab.

Foreign Workers on Qatar’s World Cup Construction Sites, Photo Gallery,
A photo essay on the working conditions for the many South-East Asian men who are constructing the venues for the World Cup.

The Photographers Behind Everyday Middle East: 5 Shots that Defy Perspectives, CairoScene
Photographers involved with Everyday Middle East choose and discuss their favorite photos that have appeared on the Instagram feed.

The Photographers Behind the Everyday Projects: 5 Talents Making an Impact Across the Region, CairoScene
Valentina Primo speaks to five contributing photographers changing the narrative often assigned to the Middle East.

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