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Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (June 2)

[Saudi bombing in Sanaa, 22 May 2015. Screenshot from RT video footage.] [Saudi bombing in Sanaa, 22 May 2015. Screenshot from RT video footage.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.] 

Regional and International Relations

Saudi Arabian mosque hit by bomb attack A suicide bomber belonging to the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria tried to blow himself up in a mosque in Dammam.

Worshippers in Saudi mosque react as bomb goes off in Dammam – video Footage showing worshippers inside the mosque the moment a suicide bomber blew himself up outside it.

Second Saudi Arabia suicide bombing fuels Isis campaign fears Ian Black reports on the implications of the attack on the mosque in Dammam.

Cousins killed stopping suicide attack at Saudi mosque hailed as 'heroes' A news report on Mohammed bin Isa and Abdel Jaleel al-Abrash, who prevented the suicide bomber from blowing himself up in the mosque in Dammam.

Why ISIL’s Attacks on Shiites of Saudi Arabia Threaten World Economy Juan Cole argues that attacks by the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria inside Saudi Arabia could impact oil production.

American prisoner's fate unknown after deadly air strikes on Yemen jail Fears grow over the fate of Sharif Mobley after a Saudi airstrike hit the prison where he is held.

Court dismisses claim of German complicity in Yemeni drone killings A German judge claims that Germany is not obliged to prohibit the United States from using Ramstein Airbase for “relaying drone control signaling.”

Reports and Opinions

Saudi Arabia passes execution total for all of 2014 as 88th person is put to death Saudi Arabia has executed eighty-eight people so far this year.

Art and Hypocrisy in the Gulf Nicholas McGeehan reports on artists who have been denied entry to the United Arab Emirates for “security reasons.”

Crisis in Yemen

Comedy of war: Yemenis strive for humour amid hardship Mohammed Al Qalisi reports on how Yemenis are turning to comedy to take their minds off the war.

Syrians in Yemen: 'Back to square one' A news report on Syrian refugees in war-torn Yemen.

Yemen conflict: Rebels 'driven out of southern city' Southern separatists and Sunni tribesmen push the Houthis out of Dhalea.

Airstrike on Police HQ in Sana'a, Yemen (3) A YouTube video of a Saudi airstrike on Sanaa last week.

Four Americans held in Yemen by Houthi rebels – report A report by the Washington Post asserts that the Houthis are holding four US citizens.

Yemen conflict: Houthi rebel leaders said to be holding talks with US officials Senior figures in the Houthi movement are holding talks with US officials in Oman.

War in Yemen is pushing health-care facilities to the brink of collapse Ali al-Mujahed and Hugh Naylor write on the deteriorating condition of healthcare facilities in Yemen.

Migrant Workers

This Chart Shows the Staggering Human Cost of Staging a World Cup in Qatar Edwin Rios examines a chart showing the death toll of migrant workers in Qatar.

The Enron of Sports: FIFA’s Upheaval, from Corruption Arrests to Rising Death Toll in Qatar Nermeen Shaikh and Amy Goodman report on the death toll in Qatar amid FIFA’s scandal.

Human Rights

Saudi Arabia: Spike in Executions Human Rights Watch expresses concern over the rise in the number of executions in Saudi Arabia this year.

Yemen: Cluster Munitions Harm Civilians Human Rights Watch urges the Saudi-led coalition and other warring factions to put an end to the use of banned cluster munitions.

Saudi Arabia must protect Shi’a minority in wake of horrific mosque attacks Amnesty International states that Saudi Arabia needs to take immediate measures to protect the Shia minority from sectarian violence.

UAE denies entry to Amnesty International expert Amnesty International condemns the Emirati authorities’ decision to deny entry to one of its experts.

‘I was 12 years old when they took my dad away – we never saw him again’ Amnesty International reports on Ronaldo Lopez Ulep, a Filipino national who was arrested in front of his children in Doha on charges of selling information about his employer, Qatari Air Force.

Oman / United Arab Emirates: Emirates State Security transfers Omani blogger Muawiya Al-Rawahi to notorious Al-Wathba prison The Gulf Center for Human Rights deplores the Omani authorities’ decision to transfer al-Rawahi to al-Wathba prison and calls for his immediate release.

Bahrain: Rajab sentenced to prison, Al-Khawaja ends hunger strike, while Al-Singace’s health at risk, Abdulemam fined and Jawad released The Gulf Center for Human Rights publishes an update on the conditions and sentences of human rights activists in Bahrain.

Nabeel Rajab's Speech at the 2015 Oslo Freedom Forum: Delivered by Said Yousif Almahafdah The Bahrain Center for Human Rights published Nabeel Rajab’s speech, which he was supposed to deliver at the 2015 Oslo Freedom.


Saudis Turn Birthplace of Wahhabism Ideology Into Tourist Spot Ben Hubbard writes on the Diriyah complex on the outskirts of Riyadh.



سيناريو حضرموت... والطريق إلى جنيف
Muhannad Obeid analyzes the failure of the Riyadh conference, which aimed to find a solution to the crisis in Yemen. 

السعودية تجهض مؤتمر جنيف... مؤقتاً؟
Nizar Abboud examines Saudi Arabia’s effort to sabotage the Geneva conference on Yemen. 

الرياض تبدأ بإنشاء جيش في حضرموت
Saudi Arabia starts the formation of a new Yemeni army in Hadramawt. 

المقابلة | حسين العزي
Ali Jahiz interviews Hussein al-Azzi, a figure in the Houthi movement, on the ongoing war and the Geneva conference. 

"أنصار الله" ينسحبون من الضالع بعد شهرين من القتال
The Houthis withdraw from the city of Dhalea after two months of fighting with southern separatists and tribesmen. 

اليمن: حراك ديبلوماسي عماني يسبق مؤتمر جنيف
A news report on Oman’s efforts to find a solution to the crisis in Yemen, ahead of the Geneva Conference. 

اليمن: الميدان يحدّد مسار الحوار
A news report on field developments in the Saudi aggression on Yemen. 

التدخل السعودي في اليمن: مقاربة قانونية
An article approaching the Saudi intervention in Yemen from a legal point of view. 

«أنصار الله» يقصفون قاعدة الملك خالد الجوية
Houthis bombed the King Khalid Airbase in Saudi Arabia last week. 

السعودية والعدوان: من الاعتراف بفشل الأهداف إلى إنكار الهزيمة
Lukmann Abdullah analyzes Saudi Arabia’s dilemma in Yemen. 

مسقط تحتضن مفاوضات يمنية بحضور أميركي ــ إيراني
Oman is holding negotiations on Yemen with Iranian and US presence. 

أسباب تفضيل السعودية مسقط على جنيف : ولد الشيخ أحمد يحاول الاحتيال على ظريف!
Nizar Abboud analyzes why Saudi Arabia prefers Oman over Geneva as a location of negotiation. 

2000 شهيد منذ بدء العدوان... ومجزرة جديدة فـــي صنعاء
More than two thousand Yemenis have died since the start of the Saudi military operation in Yemen. 

فتح جبهات قتال جديدة: العين على صنعاء
Saudi Arabia attempts to open new battlefronts in Yemen. 

الجيش و«اللجان» يحافظون على التفوّق جنوباً... ويتقدمون في تعز
Saudi Arabia announces that the war on Yemen is entering its last stage. 

اليمن: تصعيد للحرب يوقع مئات الضحايا
The death toll in Yemen increases as the war on Yemen enters its third month. 

السعودية تعلن هوية انتحاري القطيف وسط دعوات لـ"التعبئة العامّة"
The Saudi minister of interior confirms that the suicide bomber who killed twenty-one worshippers in Qatif last week belonged to the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria.

محمد بن نايف يستكمل مهمة والده في القطيف... خائفاً
Mariam Abdullah reports on the Saudi crown prince’s visit to Qudaih following the attack on one of its mosque. 

القطيف: متى يتوقف التحريض المذهبي؟
Mourners in Qudaih ask when sectarian agitation is going to stop. 

«داعش» يضرب في الدمام... والأهالي يتصدّون
The Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria attempts to attack a mosque in Dammam. 

العريس عبد الجليل الأبرش
An obituary of Abduljalil al-Abrash, who prevented the suicide bomber from blowing himself up inside the mosque in Dammam. 

«داعش» تتوعد بطرد «الروافض» من الجزيرة
The Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria threatens to drive the “rawafid” from the Arabian Peninsula. 

السعودية تنفّذ 88 حكم إعدام هذا العام
Saudi Arabia executed eighty-eight people this year. 

البحرين: اعتقال مقيم عربي "يروج لأفكار متطرفة"
Bahraini authorities arrest an Arab national for allegedly “circulating extremist ideas.” 

البحرين: سجن عناصر أمن بتهمة تعذيب موقوفين
A Bahraini court sentences six security men to prison on charges of torturing prisoners. 

الكويت تدعو لنبذ الطائفية ومواجهة الإرهاب
Kuwait calls for rejecting sectarianism and for fighting terrorism. 

العراق | الدوحة تعد بغداد بسفارة ومنحة مالية لإعادة الهاشمي والعيساوي
The Qatari foreign minister visits Iraq to negotiate the return of Iraqi opposition figures accused of terrorism. 

العراق | العبادي يغازل السعودية: لسنا بوّابة لإيران
The Iraqi prime minister tries to appease Saudi Arabia’s fear of Iran’s influence in Iraq.

هيمنة آل سعود على العرب: ليست بالمال وحده
Asad AbuKhalil analyzes al-Saud’s efforts to shape and dominate public opinion in the Arab world. 

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