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Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (May 12)

[The Obama administration is thought to have promised to provide the Gulf Arab states with a ballistic missile defense system to appease their fears of Iran’s nuclear deal. Image from US Missile Defense Agency.] [The Obama administration is thought to have promised to provide the Gulf Arab states with a ballistic missile defense system to appease their fears of Iran’s nuclear deal. Image from US Missile Defense Agency.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]

Crisis in Yemen

Al-Qaida in Yemen says US drone killed man who claimed Charlie Hebdo attack A senior member of al-Qa‘ida in the Arabian Peninsula dies in a US drone strikes.

UPDATE 1-Senegal to send 2,100 troops to join Saudi-led alliance Senegal announces that it will send troops to Saudi Arabia.

Gulf-trained fighters arrive in Yemen to join fight against Houthi rebels Yemeni fighters trained in the Gulf states arrived in Aden to fight the Houthis.

Yemen: ICRC and MSF alarmed by attacks on country’s lifelines The International Committee of the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders express concern about the severe damages caused by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen.

Warplanes strike Yemen's Saada and Hajja provinces – residents Warplanes carried out more than thirty strikes overnight on Saada and Hajja last Wednesday.

“The Siege Is Killing Us,” Say Civilian Volunteers In Yemen A news report on the impact of the heavy bombardment of Aden.

Yemen conflict: Aden boat shelling kills dozens At least thirty-two people die in Aden while trying to flee heavy fighting in a boat.

The Moral Economy of Distance in the Yemeni Crisis Jillian Schwedler and Stacey Philbrick Yadav argue that the current discussion of the dire humanitarian situation in Yemen “relies on a moral economy of distance that systematically denies the human equality of categories of people.”

A Statement on Saudi Arabia’s Attack on Yemen A statement by academics and scholars condemning the Saudi-led aggression on Yemen.

Yemen appeals for ground forces as crisis deepens The Yemeni ambassador to the United Nations urges the international community to intervene with ground troops “to save Yemen.”

What is the Saudi-led coalition's end game in Yemen? Four analysts examine the future of conflict-torn Yemen on Al Jazeera English.

Yemen conflict: Saudis warn border civilians to leave Saudi-led coalition aircrafts dropped leaflets warning residents in Saada to leave.

Saudi Arabia proposes five-day ceasefire in Yemen Saudi Arabia says that it is prepared to introduce a five-day humanitarian ceasefire in Yemen.

Yemen conflict: UN criticises Saudi civilian bombings The United Nations representative in Yemen asserts that the Saudi operation is bombing “effectively, trapped civilians.”

Saudi air strikes continue against Houthi rebels in Yemen A news report on the ongoing Saudi bombardment of Yemen.

Yemen Houthi rebels 'positive' over Saudi truce plan The Houthis say that they will respond “positively” to a ceasefire offer by the Saudi-led coalition.

Migrant Workers

German TV Program Shows Qatar Slave Conditions, More FIFA Corruption Diana Moskovitz reports on a video broadcast on German TV that shows the ill treatment of migrant workers in Qatar.

Oman launches amnesty for undocumented workers A news report on an amnesty that will enable tens of thousands of workers to return home without legal consequences.

Qatar builds seven 'cities' to house 258,000 World Cup migrant labourers Qatar announces that it will build seven “cities” that will house migrant workers building the major infrastructure for the 2022 World Cup.

Qatar: no labourers killed on World Cup stadiums but migrant rules to change The Qatari tournament chief says that no migrant workers died on World Cup stadium projects.


A Sinner in Mecca: gay film-maker on 'a hajj of defiance' Safa Samiezahe-Yazd reports on Parvez Sharma who went on a pilgrimage to explore what it means to be a Muslim.

Female street artists take to Dubai's walls Angela Hundal reports on graffiti painted by female artists in Dubai.

Debut Tunisian Novel, Banned in UAE, Wins International Prize for Arabic Fiction Shukri al-Mabkhout’s The Italian, banned in the United Arab Emirates, wins the Arabic Booker.

Human Rights

Yemen: Mounting evidence of high civilian toll of Saudi-led airstrikes Amnesty International deplores the high death tolls from the Saudi military operation in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia: Mass Expulsions of Migrant Workers Human Rights Watch expresses concern over Saudi Arabia’s concerted campaign to deport thousands of undocumented migrant workers.

Yemen: Pro-Houthi Forces Attack, Detain Civilians Human Rights Watch reports on pro-Houthi forces shooting two women and holding aid workers hostage in Aden.

Bahrain: Allegations of Severe Prisoner Abuse Human Rights Watch calls upon the Bahraini authorities to investigate allegations of abuse in Jaw Prison.

Yemen: GCHR launches special report on human rights defenders and journalists at risk The Gulf Center for Human Right issues a report on the risk faced by Yemeni journalists and human rights defenders. 

Bahrain: Human rights defenders at risk in jail, others facing long prison sentences The Gulf Center for Human Rights reports on the long sentences handed down to Bahraini human rights activists. 

Bahrain: Open Letter from Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja on his 21st day of hunger strike to the High Commissioner for Human Rights The Gulf Center for Human Rights publishes a letter addressed by Abdulhadi al-Khawaja to Prince Zeid Ra‘ad al-Hussein.

Online Petition: Freedom for Nabeel The Bahrain Center for Human Rights starts an online petition requesting the release of Nabeel Rajab.


كيف احتل آل سعود الحَرَمين وكفّروا... الآخر؟
Mohammed Nazal argues that the Saudi regime has used the discourse of defending Mecca as an excuse to justify the war on Yemen.

التحالف يهدد بـ"رد قاس" على الحوثيين
The Saudi-led coalition threatens the Houthis “with a severe response.”

غارات لطائرات "التحالف" على مطار صنعاء
The Saudi-led coalition bombs the airport in Sanaa.

اليمن: غارات لـ"التحالف" على محافظتي صعدة وحجة
The Saudi-led coalition bombs Saada and Hajja.

العدوان السعودي يسقط مناشير تدعو سكان صعدة إلى المغادرة
Saudi-led coalition aircrafts dropped leaflets on Saada warning the residents to leave.

صعدة تحترق: انتقام سعودي يسبق الإقرار بالهزيمة
Saudi Arabia bombs Saada heavily ahead of a planned truce.

هدنة إنسانيّة تمهّد لحوار برعاية أمميّة
A humanitarian truce will take effect in Yemen today.

"أنصار الله" توافق على الهدنة: سنرد على "القاعدة"
The Houthis agree to the truce and assert that they will retaliate against al-Qa’ida.

آل سعود يستعيدون السيناريو السوري في اليمن
Al-Saud assert that Yemen will not be another Syria.

علي سالم البيض والخصومة مع إيران
Abdullah Zughaib analyzes Ali Salem al-Beidh’s fraught relationship with Iran.

الأزمات الإقليمية تقرب تركيا من السعودية رغم الخلافات
  An article on the regional crises bringing Turkey and Saudi Arabia together despite their differences.

السعودية: قوة ماليزية تصل للمشاركة في "إعادة الأمل" في اليمن
A Malaysian force arrives in Saudi Arabia to participate in Operation Restore Hope.

الايديولوجيا السعودية
Amer Mohsen argues that a vacuum in Saudi ideology is the reason for its persistence throughout the decades.

كيري يبحث في الرياض الأزمة اليمنية
John Kerry arrives in Riyadh to discuss the crisis in Yemen.

الإمارات: الحل في اليمن ممكن من دون إيران
The United Arab Emirates asserts that a solution can be reached in Yemen without Iran.

السعودية: إعدام الشيخ نمر النمر ينفذ خلال أيام
Saudi Arabia may execute Shaykh Nimr al-Nimr in a few days.

عرض أوباما: درع صاروخية خليجية مقابل النووي الإيراني
The US president promises that the United States will provide the Gulf Arab states with a missile defense system to appease their fears of Iran’s nuclear deal.

جولة هولاند الخليجية... تنتهي عند القواعد الأميركية
The French president signs economic and arms deals with the Gulf states.

هولاند وتميم يوقّعان صفقة الـ«رافال»... ودول الخليج تتهافت
The French president and the Qatari emir sign a deal to sell Rafale airplanes to Qatar.

قمة الرياض: تلاقٍ خليجي فرنسي قبل كامب ديفــيد
The heads of the Gulf Cooperation Council met in Riyadh, with the attendance of the French president, ahead of the Gulf-US summit in Camp David.

الملك سلمان ينيب ولي عهده لحضور القمة مع أوباما
King Salman asks the crown prince to attend the Gulf-US summit in Camp David on his behalf.

السعودية: مقتل شرطي وإحباط محاولة إدخال متفجرات
The Saudi authorities foil an attempt to smuggle explosives into the kingdom.

الرياض: مقتل شرطي سعودي بإطلاق نار
A Saudi security man died when his patrol car came under fire in Riyadh.

مقتل قيادي في قاعدة جزيرة العرب
A senior member in al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula is killed in a US drone strike.

الكويت تعتزم شراء 28 مقاتلة "أف- 18" من بوينغ
Kuwait decides to buy twenty-eight fighter jets.

طائرة سعودية في مطار بن غوريون الاسرائيلي؟
A news report on a Saudi airplane landing at Ben Gurion Airport.

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