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Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (January 13)

[Saudi Arabia and its Gulf OPEC allies continue to maintain their oil production levels. Image from J. Rawls. 10 April 2007.] [Saudi Arabia and its Gulf OPEC allies continue to maintain their oil production levels. Image from J. Rawls. 10 April 2007.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]

Regional and International Relations

Saudi Arabia is right to be anxious over its ideological links with Isis Brian Whitaker argues that though the Saudi regime has denounced the Islamic State, it fears the effects of any close examination of their shared principles.

Why the GCC's hands are tied over Yemen Sharif Nashashibi describes the position of the Gulf states on Yemen as “reluctant spectators in their own backyard.”

Saudi's bold political gambit Ibrahim Al-Marashi argues that the reopening of the Saudi embassy in Iraq reflects a change in Riyadh’s foreign policy.

Demoralized oil traders give up betting on how low prices can go A news report on the shaken belief in the oil markets that Saudi Arabia “would always ride to rescue.”

King says Saudi Arabia to deal with weak oil challenge with 'firm will' The crown prince, on behalf of the Saudi king, says that his country will deal “with a firm will” with the challenges posed by low oil prices.

Saudi slashes monthly oil prices to Europe; trims U.S., ups Asia A news report on Saudi Arabia’s oil policy with different continents.

Bahrain Summons Lebanon Ambassador over Nasrallah Remarks Hassan Nasrallah’s condemnation of the arrest of Ali Salman upsets the Bahraini regime.

Both brothers behind Paris attack had weapons training in Yemen: sources Two Yemeni officials assert that the two brothers who carried out the attack on Charlie Hebdo received weapons training in Yemen. 

Bureaucracy delaying Qatar Airways launch in Saudi: CEO quoted The Qatari airline’s chief executive says that Qatar Airways’ domestic operations in Saudi Arabia are expected to start in six to eighteen months.

Hamas denies exiled leader Meshaal expelled from Qatar Hamas denies reports that the exiled leader is expelled from Qatar.

Reports and Opinions

Saudi blogger to be publicly flogged on charges he insulted Islam A news report on the first public flogging of Raif Badawi.

Global outrage at Saudi Arabia as jailed blogger receives public flogging Ian Black reports on the international reaction to the flogging of Raif Badawi.

Saudi Arabia Carries out Seventh Beheading in 2015 A news report on the latest beheadings in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi border guards killed in attack Two Saudi border guards die in a shooting and suicide assault near the Iraqi border.

Saudi says arrests seven Saudis, Syrians over suicide border attack The Saudi authorities arrest three Saudi nationals and four Syrians over links to the suicide attack on the border attack.

Saudi Arabia suicide bombing puts country on alert for jihadi attacks Ian Black reports on the implication of the attack near the Saudi-Iraqi border.

How Unstable Is the Saudi Petro-Kingdom? Juan Cole discusses the internal and regional challenges facing Saudi Arabia.

Repression in Bahrain

Bahraini protesters clash with police over opposition leader's detention Dozens of Bahraini protesters, demanding the release of Ali Salman, clash the security forces.

Crisis in Yemen

Yemen bombers targeted militia headquarters in Sanaa – video Video footage of a blast that damaged a building belonging to the Houthis.

Dozens dead and injured after bomb explodes at Yemen police college A news report on a suicide bombing in front of a police college in Sanaa.

Yemeni police arrest six suspects in police college bombing: TV A news report on the arrest of six people suspected of involvement in the bombing of the police college.

Yemen: 'We have to go on with our lives' A news report on how Yemenis are coping with heightened insecurity and a dire economy.


Yemeni reporter killed - the first journalistic fatality of 2015 Roy Greenslade blogs on the death of Khalid Mohammed al-Washali.

Human Rights

Oman: Writer Ali Al-Rawahi released after 4-day detention The Gulf Center for Human Rights reports on the release of Al-Rawahi.

Saudi Arabia: Human rights defender Raif Badawi lashed in public The Gulf Center for Human Rights condemns the flogging of Raif Badawi.

‘He was silent but you could tell that he was in real pain’ Josefina Salomon, from Amnesty International, reports on the public flogging of Raif Badawi.

Saudi Arabia: Free Blogger Publicly Flogged Human Rights Watch calls upon the Saudi king to overturn the lashing and prison term for Raif Badawi.

Kuwait: Ex-Lawmaker Held After Critical Tweets Human Rights Watch urges Kuwait to drop charges against Saleh al-Mulla.

Kuwait: UPR Submission 2014 Human Rights Watch discusses Kuwait’s Universal Periodic Review for 2014.

Yemen: No Action in Southern Activist’s Killing Human Rights Watch calls upon the Yemeni authorities to credibly investigate the extrajudicial execution of Khaled al-Junaidi.

Urgent call: More than 192 hours since the disappearance of 16-year old Ahmed Majeed Huweida after he was seized by the security forces The Bahrain Center for Human Right accuses the Bahraini authorities of detaining Ahmed Huweida, who was picked up from his grandfather's house.

Bahrain: Family Of Enforced Disappearance Victim Mohsen Al-Majid Reports Torture In Detention The Bahrain Center for Human Rights expresses concern over reports of security forces’ systematic practice of torture and ill-treatment of detainees.


السعودية: رائف بدوي... لم يصرخ
A news report on the public flogging of Raif Badawi.

السعودية: مرض الملك يشعل صراع الأجنحة
Fouad Ibrahim argues that the sickness of the Saudi king has intensified the struggle over succession among different factions within the ruling family.

ولي العهد السعودي: الملك بصحة جيدة
The Saudi crown prince asserts that the king is in good health.

ولي العهد السعودي: نواجه تحديات غير مسبوقة
The crown prince asserts that Saudi Arabia is facing unprecedented challenges.

البحرين: تجديد اعتقال سلمان يؤجج الاضطرابات
More protests break out in Bahrain following the news that the detention of Ali Salman has been extended.

البحرين: سلمان معتقل رأي... والقضية سياسية
An article on Ali Salman, arguing that he is a prisoner of conscience.

البحرينيون يواصلون تظاهراتهم تنديداً باعتقال سلمان
Protests against the detention of Ali Salman continue.

الحوثيون يرفضون مسودة الدستور الجديد
The Houthis reject the draft of the new Yemeni constitution.

اليمن | عشرات القتلى في تفجير صنعاء
Tens of Yemenis die in an explosion in front of a police college in Sanaa.

صنعاء: 95 قتيلاً وجريحاً في انفجار أمام كلية الشرطة
A news report on the death toll of the explosion in front of the police college.

اعتقال مشتبه بهم في تفجير كلية الشرطة في اليمن
The Yemeni police arrest six people suspected of involvement in the bombing of the police college.

اليمن: «القاعدة» ومضبطة الاتهام
Abdullah Zughaib writes on the increasing numbers of assassinations in Yemen.

الأحمر يمهّد لعرقنة اليمن
Mohanad Obeid examines Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar’s interference in Yemen’s political scene.

داعش يتمدد نحو اليمن والجزائر
A news report on the spread of the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria to Yemen and Algeria.

السعودية: مقتل 3 رجال أمن في هجوم على الحدود مع العراق
Three Saudi security men die in an explosion on the Saudi-Iraqi border.

الرياض: توقيف 7 أشخاص على خلفية هجوم عرعر
The Saudi authorities arrest seven people suspected of involvement in the attack on Saudi-Iraqi border.

انتحاري سعودي هاجم حرس حدود المملكة
The suicide bomber who carried out the attack on border checkpoint was Saudi.

مادورو يناقش هبوط أسعار النفط في الرياض
The Venezuelan president arrives in Riyadh to discuss the low prices of oil.

سفارة سوريا في الكويت تستأنف خدماتها القنصلية
The Syrian embassy opens its door in Kuwait.

الكويت: السجن لنائب سابق بتهمة إهانة الأمير
A former Kuwaiti member of the parliament is arrested on charges of insulting the emir.

اعتقال وزير الإعلام الكويتي السابق بسبب مقال
The Kuwaiti authorities arrest the former minister of information because of an article on mismanagement of state finances.

السيسي في الكويت: محطة أخرى لدعم الاقتصاد ومحاربة الإرهاب
The Egyptian president arrives in Kuwait to discuss economic and security issues.

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