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On the Margins Roundup (December)

[Image of a pottery manufacture in Kalabougou, Mali. Image by Marco Bellucci] [Image of a pottery manufacture in Kalabougou, Mali. Image by Marco Bellucci]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Mali, South Sudan, Somalia, Mauritania, Djibouti, and Comoros Islands and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the On the Margins Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each month's roundup to] 


Mauritania Will Toughen Anti-Corruption Laws Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz announced plans to strengthen laws against corruption on United Nations Anti-Corruption Day.

Migration, Fisheries, and the Supremacy of European Interests in Mauritania Hassan Ould Moctar discusses EU-Mauritania relations, and Spain’s objections to conservation efforts.

دور الحركات القومية والإسلامية في استعادة الهوية الموريتانية A discussion of how Islamist and nationalist movements have helped shape Mauritanian identity.

الداخلية الموريتانية تغلق مقر حزب سياسي The Mauritanian Interior Ministry has closed the headquarters of a party in the presidential coalition in the midst of an internal dispute.

وزارة الأوقاف الموريتانية توحد خطب الجمعة حول العبودي The Mauritanian Ministry of Awqaf is standardizing Friday sermons in Nouakchott after international criticism of continued slavery in Mauritania.

منتدى المعارضة الموريتانية: الحوار هو المخرج الوحيد لأزمة البلاد Ahmed Ould Dada, President of the Opposition Forum for Democracy and Unity, called for dialogue to end the current political crisis.

السلطات الموريتانية تشن حملة ضد الناشطين في مجال الإصلاح الزراعي A discussion of the arrests of several prominent Mauritanian agrarian reform activists in November.

Mauritania Humanitarian Situation Report - December 2014 A report on the humanitarian situation in Mauritnia.

Anti-Slavery Activists Detained in Mauritania Human rights groups are calling on Mauritania to release nearly a dozen anti-slavery activists arrested during the past month.

Mauritania Must End Clamp Down On Anti-Slavery Activists The authorities must stop the repression of anti-slavery activists, Amnesty International said following the arrest of high-profile campaigners

Weak gold prices may hinder Kinross' Mauritania mine expansion "If today's gold price were to persist I think we would find it challenging to go ahead because our overriding principle is balance sheet strength."


Somalia regains control of its Airspace, but lacks Personnel management The Somali government has reached a deal with the International Air Transport Association to regain control of Somali airspace.

Twisting Talks Between Somaliland and Somalia Somaliland press discusses the status of talks between Somaliland and the Somali government based in Mogadishu.

President Mohamud announces Prime Minister for Sharmarke, urges cooperation Somalia’s Ambassador to the United States Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke was appointed as the new Prime Minister.

Floating arsenals: The boats full of guns for hire against pirates Private security firms use floating armouries so that ships can embark and disembark armed security teams without detours.

Sierra Leone to withdraw Somalia troops over Ebola African Union blocks troops rotation over ebola fears, forcing Sierra Leone to withdraw its 850 soldiers from Somalia.

Rebuilding Somalia Can Somalia's embattled president unite his country against the armed group al-Shabab?

Not Yet Kenyan Kenya's ethnic Somalis have faced massacres and systematic intimidation, but can they now survive al-Shabab?


Why China is investing in the Comoros An experimental malaria drug is not the only thing the Chinese have given the tiny island nation. Shannon Van Sant looks at Beijing's strategic investment.

Kuwait's Novel Solution for Undocumented Residents Joshua Keating discusses Kuwait’s plan to buy Comoros citizenship for undocumented residents, who largely reject the idea.

Investing in Nature: What Governments Can Learn from Comoros Stig Gustaf Johannson and Jamie Ervin argue that Comoron conservation efforts can be a model for other nations. 


جيبوتي تعلن فشل مساعي السلام مع إريتريا Djiboutian foreign minister Mahmoud Ali Yusuf announced the failure of negotiations with Eritrea about a border dispute and blamed Eritrea for failing to negotiate.

الرئيسية | الأخبار | الرئيس الجيبوتي: لا تنمية دون استئصال الإرهاب Djiboutian President Ismail Omar Guelleh said he does not believe development in the region surrounding Djibouti is possible without defeating terrorism.

Djibouti Troops Set to Remain in Somalia Djibouti does not plan to withdraw its current contingent of troops stationed in Somalia until it says al-Shabaab is defeated successfully.

Djibouti restaurant damaged in al-Shabaab attack re-opens A restaurant in Djibouti has reopened after being damaged in an al-Shabaab attack in May.

Djibouti Mediating Talks Between Somalia And Somaliland This new round of talks in Djibouti will allow the two presidents to exchange their views on political issues and the mineral and petroleum wealth of Somalia .

Djibouti FM hails 'excellent' ties with neighbors -except Eritrea "Eritrea is not willing to negotiate or be part of the regional peace process," Youssouf told The Anadolu Agency in an exclusive interview.

More effort needed to empower women: Djibouti's 1st lady Djibouti's first lady, Hadra Mohamoud Hade, has called for redoubling efforts to empower women in the small Horn of Africa country.

Turkey, Djibouti sign defense cooperation deal "Turkey is economically and militarily strong and experienced. We want to collaborate more on stability in East Africa," said Djiboutian defense minister. 


Humanitarian intervention or imperialism? Mehdi Hasan challenges former French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner on whether interventions are a facade for Western imperialism.

Mauritania, Mali secure shared border Mauritania and Mali announce a joint effort to secure their border against threats such as terrorism and disease.

Chadian Peacekeepers in Mali Abandoned Their Posts Chadian forces deployed to Mali appear to have abandoned their posts on more than one occasion.

Spotlight on Mali Global Research discusses the ongoing situation in Mali, and how problems continue despite French-led intervention.

French hostage freed in Mali French president Francois Hollande says Serge Lazarevic, kidnapped in Mali in 2011, is now a free man.

Children 'killed and snatched by Mali rebels' Military says al-Qaeda-linked rebels kidnapped children to use as soldiers as third round of talks begin in Algeria.

Working Together to Build a More Resilient Future in Mali In regions that are emerging from a series of crises, WFP is working with communities to ensure they are resilient in the face of future shocks.  

Containing the Ebola outbreak while preparing for the worst “The risk is still high so we must remain vigilant. We are scaling up our efforts to contain this ongoing epidemic while preparing for the worst.”

South Sudan

UN: Tens of thousands dead in S Sudan war Security Council says feuding leaders "personal ambitions" fomented crisis, as nation marks one year since start of war.

S. Sudan talks to resume Wednesday as rebels carry out fresh attacks Peace talks are set to resume in Addis Ababa this week between government and rebel forces amid ongoing fighting.

South Sudan's Terrible War is a Year Old Peter Dorrie discusses the first year of the South Sudanese civil war and the bleak implications for peace.

In Pictures: South Sudan's doctor shortage Remote corners of South Sudan are suffering from a severe lack of proper medical infrastructure.

'Personal interests' impeding South Sudan peace: Experts Activists and experts blame personal interests for the ongoing South Sudanese civil war.

Peace talks or petty squabbles? Leaders of the world’s newest nation appear no nearer to a power-sharing deal after a year of civil war.

South Sudan children feel conflict's pain Most teachers fled, and with children juggling school and fending for themselves, just being in class is good enough. 

South Sudan builds national archive World's youngest country tries to salvage history and colonial era documents before it became independent.

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