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Snapshot: Kuwait City

Snapshot: Kuwait City

An antique seller at the Friday market, Kuwait City. Photo by Faisal Al Fouzan. An antique seller at the Friday market, Kuwait City. Photo by Faisal Al Fouzan.

Every Friday during my day off work, I take my camera and explore Kuwait City. Kuwait on the weekends, especially in the mornings, is very peaceful. Everyone seems relaxed and to be having a quiet time. Some days I go to the Friday market, which is a flea market that opens on weekends only, to photograph pieces of life there, such as sellers arranging their used goods and antiques, a boy laying on the carpets he helps to sell while he waits for potential customers, and peoples’ interactions.

Or I head to Al Mubarkiya, the old traditional market of Kuwait, and experience other moments of lives there: workers in action, busy with customers, or having their break and drinking tea quietly.

Murqab is an area in the city center that attracts many Indian and Pakistani communities in Kuwait. There I find restaurants serving Indian cuisines, money exchange shops, freight and shipping service providers, and small grocery kiosks that are most active during the weekends to accommodate people who go there on their day off.

These ongoing weekly photographic encounters work like a mosaic to tell a story of the everyday life of the people of Kuwait City. I try with my photography to create an album of the city I live in, by taking ordinary photos of the scenes that usually go unnoticed.

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