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Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (May 6)

[The 20th Brigade of the Royal Saudi Land Force. Image from Wikipedia.] [The 20th Brigade of the Royal Saudi Land Force. Image from Wikipedia.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]

Regional and International Relations 

GCC crisis: 'A thing of the past' Joseph A. Kechichian argues that the recent resolution of the conflict shows that the Gulf Cooperation Council states can survive periodic jolts.

Page is turned in the Gulf Hussein Haridy examines the implications of the end of the rift between Qatar and the Gulf states for Egypt.

Doubtful Riyadh mechanism Mohamed Al-Said Idris maintains that the end of the rift among the Gulf states is more damage control than an actual accord.

Lawyers for US citizen missing from Yemeni jail ask UN to intervene Spencer Ackerman reports on the disappearance of Sharif Mobely, who has not been seen by his lawyer since February.

Australians were killed by a US drone strike, and we deserve to know why Anthony Loewenstein investigates the death of two Australian citizens by US drone strikes in Yemen.

Qatar Confirms $88 million for Darfur development Doha confirms that it will provide eighty-eight million dollars to sponsor development projects in Darfur.

GCC countries to set up Gulf police Habib Toumi examines a recommendation made by the interior ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council to set up a Gulf police force.

Reports and Opinions

Kuwait court opens up judicial jobs to women A Court of First Instance annuls a decision by the ministry of justice that barred women from applying for the position of legal researcher.

3 Kuwait MPs quit after parliament rejects call to quiz PM Three opposition lawmakers resign after parliament denied their request to investigate allegations that the prime minister gave cash to some lawmakers.

Saudi Arabia ends largest manoeuvres in its history Saudi Arabia ends military exercises along the borders of Iraq and Kuwait last week.

Saudi Arabia’s continuous efforts to tackle unemployment Jasim Ali reflects on the efforts of the Saudi regime to deal with the issue of unemployment.

France: Sheikh restores and renames royal theatre The Palace of Fontainebleau is renamed after Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Eco-activists decry planned Oman border fence Gaar Adams writes on concerns that a proposed fence between Oman and Yemen could jeopardize the leopard population. 

Repression in Bahrain

Bahraini Shi'ite youth risk radicalization as political talks stall Rania El Gamal analyzes the radicalization of youth in the current political atmosphere in Bahrain.

Bahrain jails five for plotting to bomb 2013 F1 race A Bahraini court sentences five people to five years in jail for plotting to disrupt the 2013 Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix.

Don’t do business with Russia, US tells Bahrain Washington disapproves of an investment cooperation deal Bahrain signed with Russia.

Crisis in Yemen

Yemen calls for help to tackle multiple crises in Arab world's poorest country Ian Black writes on the Friends of Yemen forum in London and the Yemeni foreign minister’s call upon the international community to help his country.

German diplomat ‘injured in Yemen kidnapping attempt’ A news report on the injury of a German diplomat in Sanaa.

Yemen army launches major al-Qaeda offensive in south Military units fight suspected al-Qa‘ida militants in Abyan.

Yemeni army in heavy fighting; six soldiers die in suicide blast Mohammed Mukhashaf reports on the Yemeni troops’ offensive against al-Qa‘ida fighters in Shabwa.

Al-Qaeda fighters killed in Yemen Yemeni troops kill thirteen al-Qa‘ida fighters, including a local leader in Abyan.

Yemeni colonel shot dead in Aden, two hurt in bomb attack An army colonel is assassinated in Aden.

Yemen intelligence post hit by suicide bomber Two military guards are injured in an attack on a security intelligence post in Hadramaut.

Al-Qaida in Arabian Peninsula: Yemen commander dead in US drone strike Yemen’s al-Qa‘ida branch confirms the death of one of its local commanders during a strike by the Yemeni army and US drones.

Al Qaeda in Yemen denies government claim 70 percent of fighters are foreign Al-Qa‘ida in the Arabian Peninsula denies reports that the majority of its fighters in Yemen are foreigners.

Yemeni Public Opinion: Attitudes towards the National Dialogue Document and the Second Transitional Phase The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies publishes a study on Yemeni views of the national dialogue and the transition period.

Migrant Workers

Qatar pressed to protect World Cup workers as deaths continue to rise Owen Gibson reports that more than one migrant worker is dying each day in Qatar.

Qatar in May Day pledge on workers’ rights Doha promises better conditions for foreign laborers building the infrastructure for the 2022 World Cup.

India, Saudi Arabia discuss standard employment contract The two governments consider provisions in standard employment contracts for Indian workers in the kingdom.


Qatar to launch Al Jazeera counterweight Justin Vela reports on Qatar’s intention to launch a new television station as a political counterbalance to Al Jazeera, which is seen as closely affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Jailed AJ journalist wins Press Freedom award The Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom names Mohamed Fahmy as the recipient of the Press Freedom Award.

AJ staff denied bail on press freedom day The trial of the three journalists has been adjourned until mid-May.

Bahrain highlights mission of journalists King Hamad Bin Eisa Al Khalifa praises journalists “for their crucial role in protecting the country’s security and stability, and promoting national progress and prosperity” on the World Press Freedom Day.

Human Rights

On World Press Freedom Day, the Gulf Centre for Human Rights calls for the protection of the rights to freedom of speech and expression The Gulf Center for Human Rights deplores the repression of freedom of speech and opinion in the region.

Bahrain: Sentencing Two Activists with 5 Years in Prison and Neglecting the Torture and Abuse The Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights expresses its concern over the ill-treatment and jail sentences of Nafeesa al-Asfoor and Rihanna al-Mousawi, who are convicted of plotting to disrupt the 2013 Formula One Grand Prix.

Bahrain: Rejecting a Lawsuit to Stop the Decision of Revoking the Citizenship of a Political Activist The Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights condemns a Bahraini court’s rejection of a lawsuit filed by a citizen against the ministry of interior to annul a 2012 decision to strip thirty-one Bahrainis of their citizenship.

Bahrain: Mahmood Al-Ghasra Arrested, Harassment of Family Continues The Bahrain Center for Human Rights believes that the arrest of Mahmood al-Ghasra without a warrant aims to pressure his brother, Redha al-Ghasra, to turn himself in.

Bahrain: Detainee At Risk Of Deportation Due To The Discriminatory Citizenship Law The Bahrain Center for Human Rights fears that Mahmoud Ahmed Khori, born in Bahrain to a Bahraini mother and a stateless father of Iranian origin, will be deported after his release.

Bahrain: Report on World Press Freedom Day The Bahrain Center for Human Rights publishes a report on the treatment of journalists and photographers in Bahrain.

Kuwait: Free Prisoner with Mental Disability Human Rights Watch urges Kuwaiti authorities to drop all charges against a prisoner with mental disabilities who is accused of insulting the emir.


Saudi Arabia MERS cases double in April A news report on new cases of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in the kingdom. 



بعد 21 يوم يفرج عن الحقوقي نبيل رجب بعد ان حكم عامين لممارسته حقه في التعبير السلمي
The Bahraini activist, Nabil Rajab, will be released in less than three weeks once he serves his two-year jail sentence. 

المحامي محمد التاجر: رضا مشيمع عُرّي من ملابسه وأُجلس على زجاجة وصعق بالكهرباء لـ4 أيام
A news report on the torture of Ridha Mushaymim’, who is detained on charges of plotting an attack in Bahrain. 

حمد بن خليفة: آل سعود يطعنون من الخلف دائماً!
The former Bahraini ruler accuses Al Saud of backstabbing in a voice recording dating back to 2008. 

اليمن | لندن: للقضاء على "القاعدة"
A news report on the Friends of Yemen meeting, which is held in London amid the Yemeni army's offensive against al-Qa'ida fighters in Yemen.

صنعاء تبدأ اجتثاث «القاعدة» من أبين وشبوة
The Yemeni army intensifies its offensive against al-Qa'ida in Shabwa and Abyan. 

اليمن: الجيش ينسحب من عتق .. و«القاعدة» يعدم ثلاثة جنود
An updated report on the clashes between the Yemeni army and al-Qa'ida fighters. 

اليمن: مقتل أمير ‘القاعدة’ في منطقة المحفد وقيادي أوزبكي بأبين في مواجهات مع القوات الحكومية
Khalid al-Hamadi reports on the casualties sustained by al-Qa'ida fighters in Yemen. 

‘القاعدة’ في شبه جزيرة العرب تتوعد اليمن بسبب غارات الطائرات المسيرة
Al-Qa'ida in the Arabian Peninsula threatens retaliation following US drone strikes in Yemen. 

اليمن يجدد إتهام طهران بالتدخل في شؤونه
The Yemeni foreign minister accuses Iran of interfering in his country's affairs. 

السعودية تنهي أكبر مناوراتها العسكرية
Saudi Arabia ends the largest military exercises in its history, along the borders of Iraq and Kuwait last week.

رئيس البرلمان الكويتي: أمير البلاد أكد عدم نيته حل المجلس
The Kuwait speaker of the house denies reports that he intends to dissolve the the parliament. 

الكويت: النواب المستقيلون أدانوا الممارسات التي تمت للتكتم على ‘الفساد والمفسدين’
Ahmed al-Khalifi reports on the resignation of three Kuwaiti opposition lawmakers  after parliament denied their request to investigate allegations that the prime minister gave cash to some lawmakers.

معادلة الميدان السورية ومجلس التعاون الخليجي!
Mohammed Sadiq al-Husseini reflects on the Kuwaiti emir's visits to Tehran and the issues that will be raised during his meeting with the Iranian president. 

قطر: تعديلات جوهرية مرتقبة على قانون العمل والكفالة
Sulaiman Haj Ibrahim writes on Qatar's intention to improve its labor laws. 

مصر | وساطة كويتية بين القاهرة والدوحة وقلق إسرائيلي من تهريب صواريخ عبر سيناء
A news report on Kuwait's efforts to play an intermediary role between Doha and Cairo. 

هولاند يدلي بـ"صوته".. والرياض مع "التوافق الرئاسي"
An article on Paris' and Riyadh's views of Lebanese presidential candidates. 

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