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Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (March 11)

[Forty-two African migrants died when their boat capsized off the southern coast of Yemen. Image from UNHCR Photo Unit/flickr. 19 November 2007.] [Forty-two African migrants died when their boat capsized off the southern coast of Yemen. Image from UNHCR Photo Unit/flickr. 19 November 2007.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]

Regional and International Relations

Saudi, UAE, Bahrain withdraw Qatar envoys The three countries announce the withdrawal of their ambassadors to Qatar in order to “protect their security and stability” after the failure of Qatar to commit to the principles of non-interference.

Can Kuwait save the GCC? Joseph A. Kechichian reflects on Kuwait’s mediation between Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain.

Recalling GCC Ambassadors from Doha: A Background and Future Predictions The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies provides an analysis of the discord between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which culminated in the withdrawal of ambassadors from Qatar.

Spurning Gulf Arab pressure, Qatar says foreign policy 'non-negotiable' The Qatari foreign minister asserts that Doha will not change its foreign policy, in a reference to its intention to continue to support the Muslim Brotherhood.

Qatar rift is pivotal test for disunited Gulf families Angus McDowall and Sylvia Westall discuss the future of the Gulf Cooperation Council in light of the rift between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Kuwait's emir could heal Gulf rift with Qatar: speaker The speaker of the parliament asserts that the Kuwaiti emir can play an intermediary role between the Gulf states.

Gulf's rift over Qatar may slow investment, reforms Andrew Torchia and Martin Dokoupil argue that the split among the Gulf states may slow investment projects in the region.

Riyadh and Doha: A fierce but low-profile battle Fouad Ibrahim analyzes the relations between Doha and Riyadh in light of the withdrawal of the Emirati, Saudi, and Bahraini ambassadors from Qatar.

Qatar signals strategic shifts as Iranian diplomacy sways EU Sami Kleib analyzes Qatar’s regional policy in light of the Qatari foreign minister’s visit to Tehran.

Qatar crisis could go two ways: ‘diplomacy or sanctions’ Samir Salama discusses the two possible solutions for the rift between Qatar and the tripartite Gulf states.

Ambassadors’ recall a first warning, analyst says Habib Toumi reviews analyses on the split within the Gulf Cooperation Council with regard to Qatar.

Qatar’s emir faces his first tough test Roula Khalaf examines the options available to the Qatari emir in dealing with the fallout with Saudi Arabia.

Diplomacy in the Gulf: No one is happy An article on the entangled relations between Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United States.

Egypt Pulls Ambassador From Qatar David Kirkpatrick provides an account of Egypt’s decision to withdraw its ambassador to Qatar.

Egypt envoy 'will not return' to Qatar Cairo welcomes the decision of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates to withdraw their ambassadors to Qatar.

Saudi Arabia declares Muslim Brotherhood ‘terrorist group’ The Interior Ministry issues a new terrorist list, which included the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, al-Nusra Front, and Hizbullah in Saudi Arabia.

PM Maliki says Saudi Arabia and Qatar ‘destabilise’ Iraq The Iraqi prime minister blames the two Gulf states for the deterioration of the situation in Iraq through their support of insurgent groups.

Bahrain and Iran trade accusations at U.N. rights forum The Bahraini foreign minister accuses Iran of attempting to destabilize Bahrain while Iran condemns the Gulf state for its treatment of activists.

Freeing the nuns: Qatar's continuing influence An analysis of Qatar's political influence in the release of nuns in Maaloula in Syria.

Reports and Opinions

Gulf airlines defend female cabin crew policies Qatar Airways and Emirates Airlines defend their policies on pregnancy and marriage for female crew.

Saudi sentences three suspected militants to death for 2003 bombing A Saudi court sentences three men to death and jails two others for up to seventeen years for their role in attacks in 2003.

Riyadh jails Islamist for 8 years for Twitter protest call A news report on the jail sentence of an Islamist on charges of inciting protests and ridiculing the king.

Saudi Arabia’s grumpy foreign policy As`ad AbuKhalil reflects on the Saudi royal family’s foreign policy.

Saudi women take on oppressive guardianship system Rana Harbi examines Saudi women activists’ petition to the Consultative Council, which proposes a curb on the “absolute authority” of male guardians.

Repression in Bahrain

Children injured 'planting bomb' in Bahrain The Interior Ministry claims that two children, who were instructed by “terrorists” to plant a bomb in Daih, were injured.

Bahrain says foreign 'terrorists' behind blast that killed three police The Bahraini authorities claim that foreigners were responsible for the explosion in Daih last week.

Bahrain puts groups on terrorism list after bomb kills three police Farishta Saeed reports on the blacklist issued by Doha, which labeled some civil society groups as terrorist.

What Drives the Bahrain Opposition Readers respond to Sarah bin Ashoor’s “Bahrain hijacked reform efforts,” which was published in The New York Times last month.

Crisis in Yemen

Sectarian unrest draws close to Yemen capital A news report on the fighting between the Houthis and tribesmen in al-Jawf province and Hamdan.

Yemen's president appoints new officials The Yemeni president appoints new officials to critical positions following criticism of the regime’s performance.

Yemen panel ordered to draw up decentralization plan President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi forms a panel in charge of drafting the constitution that would turn Yemen into six federal regions.

Soldiers killed in attack on Yemen base Militants attack a military base in Abyan province, killing two soldiers.

Yemen drone strike kills al-Qaeda suspects A US drone strike kills four suspected al-Qaeda members in al-Jawf province.

US Drones: 'Psychological Torture' from Above and the Resistance from Below Sarah Lazare argues that US drone strikes in Yemen are tearing the social fabric apart.


UAE journalists in Qatar pressured to quit The Saudi and Emirati authorities call on their nationals working for Qatari media outlets to quit their jobs.

Trial of al-Jazeera reporters resumes in Egypt Nine journalists, accused of having ties with a terrorist group, appeared before a judge last week.

Peter Greste calls on Tony Abbott to speak out for imprisoned journalists Paul Farrell writes on the appeal issued by the imprisoned Australian journalist.

Al-Jazeera trial: prosecution presents contents of journalists' hotel rooms Patrick Kingsley described the court scene on day two of the trial of the journalists as a “farce.”

Whatever happened to the Qatari film industry? Alex Ritman discusses the Qatari cinema industry and its film festival that flourished at one point.

Qatari papers lash out at Gulf trio Qatar’s newspapers, unlike the Qatari government, criticize Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates harshly following their decision to withdraw their ambassadors from Doha.

Migrant Workers

Qatar World Cup labour costs to rise after revelation of construction deaths The International Monetary Fund anticipates that Qatar will face a rise in labor costs because of the publicity of the deaths of migrant workers.

Migrants die in Yemen boat sinking Forty-two African migrants drowned off the coast of Yemen.

Human Rights

Joint Statement: NGOs Express Concern over Escalation of Violence in Bahrain and Reiterate the Legitimate Demands of Peaceful Protestors The Bahrain Center for Human Rights publishes a statement, signed by different organizations, on human rights abuses in Bahrain.

Saudi Arabia: Dr Abdullah Al-Hamid and Dr Mohammed Al-Qahtani commence hunger strike and sentence of Mikhlif Al-Shammari upheld as oppression of human rights defenders continues The Gulf Center for Human Rights condemns the treatment of activists and human rights defenders in the kingdom.

Update: Kuwait- Arrest and detention of human rights defender Abdulhakim Al-Fadhli and his brother The Gulf Center for Human Rights reports on the arrest of al-Fadhli and his brother, and calls for their immediate release.

Free Saudi Arabian human rights activists on hunger strike Amnesty International urges the Saudi authorities to release human rights defenders, who went on hunger strike recently to protest their sentences.

Press Release: Joint Letter to the FIA Calling for Suspension of 2014 Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix The Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights publishes a joint letter addressed to the president of Formula One, urging him not to hold the championship in Bahrain because of the regime’s human rights violations.


السعودية: لائحة ارهاب فضفاضة
A news report on Saudi Arabia's new terrorist list, which included al-Qaeda, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, al-Nusra Front, the Houthi fighters, and Hizbullah in Saudi Arabia.

مفارقات تجريم السعودية للإخوان وتجاهل حزب الله
An editorial on the significance of Saudi Arabia's criminalization of the Muslim Brotherhood, but not Lebanon's Hizbullah.

السعودية ومنع الاخوان من الحج والعمرة.. وابن الوزير كاوبوي
Bassam al-Badareen analyzes the Saudi decision to prevent members of the Muslim Brotherhood from performing hajj in Mecca.

بين طهران والرياض: تحيات في انتظار اللقاء
Ali Hashim analyzes the Saudi-Iranian relations.

روحاني: للسعودية مكانة خاصة
The new Saudi ambassador meets with the Iranian president.

تمرين بحري سعودي ـ كويتي ـ بحريني مشترك
A news report on combined military exercises, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

الرياض والدوحة: معركة ساخنة بلغة ناعمة
Fouad Ibrahim analyzes the relations between Doha and Riyadh in light of the withdrawal of the Emirati, Saudi, and Bahraini ambassadors to Qatar.

الأزمة الخليجية إلى تصعيد
A news report on the crisis among members of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

البحرين | حالة طوارئ غير معلنة
Ahmed Radhi argues that Bahrain is in an unannounced state of emergency.

سحب السفراء من قطر: المعاني الخفية
An editorial on the implication of the withdrawal of the Saudi, Emirati, and Bahraini ambassadors to Qatar.

تحجيم قطر؟
Abdul Wahhab al-Afandi examines the Saudi attempts to curb Qatar's regional role.

صفعة ديبلوماسية: قطر تواجه عزلة خليجية
A news report on the isolation of Qatar.

ماذا وراء الخطوة السعودية ـ البحرينية ـ الإماراتية تجاه قطر؟
An analysis of the motivations behind the isolation of Qatar.

قطر تستغرب سحب السفراء… وتؤكد أن الأمر لخلاف حول قضايا خارجية
Suleiman Haj Ibrahim reports on Qatar's reaction to the withdrawal of the ambassadors of the Gulf states from Doha.

مصر..أزمة خليجية
Sati Nouraldeen examines the crisis between Egypt and the Gulf states.

تنسيق بين عمان وقطر للتصدي للسيطرة السعودية… والجامعة تحاول احتواء الازمة
Oman and Qatar attempt to stand up to Saudi control over the Gulf states.

مصر: سفيرنا في قطر «لن يعود إلى الدوحة» في الوقت الراهن
Egypt announces that its ambassador to Qatar will not return to Doha following the withdrawal of the Saudi, Bahraini, and Emirati ambassadors from the Qatari capital.

هل أصبحت قطر من الماضي؟
Mustafa al-Labad reflects on Qatar's regional role and the fragmentation of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

ملامح خريطة إقليمية جديدة
An analysis of a new regional map in light of the Saudi designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization and the withdrawal of ambassadors of the Gulf states from Qatar.

السعودية تسحب أقلامها من الإعلام القطري
The Saudi Ministry of Information and Culture issues an order to all Saudi journalists working in Qatari mass media to give up their jobs.

الكويت تطلب دعم الجزائر في إنجاح وساطتها الخليجية مع قطر
Kuwait seeks the support of Algeria in its efforts to mediate between Qatar and the Gulf states.

التعاون الخليجي: تكتل يواجه أزمة
A news report on the internal crisis facing the Gulf Cooperation Council.

ترحيب مصري بالقرار الثلاثي: حليف «الإخوان» في عزلة
Mustafa Bassyouni writes on the Egyptian authorities' warm response to the withdrawal of Gulf states ambassadors from Qatar.

قطر و«الإخوان»: لمحة تاريخية
A historical overview of the relations between Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood.

خارجية قطر: استقلال السياسة الخارجية للدوحة غير قابل للتفاوض
The Qatari foreign minister asserts that Qatar's foreign policy is not open to negotiation.

تحرير الراهبات: نفوذ الدوحة مستمر
An article focusing on Qatar's political influence in the release of nuns in Maaloula in Syria.

المالكي: كل البلاء من السعودية وقطر
The Iraqi prime minister blames Saudi Arabia and Qatar for the deterioration of the situation in Iraq.

اليمن: عام لصياغة الدستور الجديد
The Yemeni president forms a committee in charge of drafting the constitution that will transform Yemen into six federal regions.

اليمن: اغتيال عقيد في الاستخبارات
A high ranking officer in the Yemeni intelligence agency is assassinated in Sanaa.

اليمن: قاضي المحكمة الجزائية يتهم صالح بعرقلة القضاء والرياض تحاول شراء موقف صنعاء من قضية سحب السفراء من قطر
Khalid al-Hamadi reports on the statement made by the head of the Specialized Penal Court on the former Yemeni president's efforts to manipulate the justice system.

البحرين: منظمات تطالب بإلغاء سباق فورمولا واحد
Civil societies in Bahrain urge the head of Formula One not to hold the Grand Prix in Bahrain given the regime's dismal human rights record.

البحرين: مقتل ثلاثة بينهم ضابط إماراتي
Two Bahraini and one Emirati policemen die in an explosion in al-Daih in Bahrain.

السلطة تستغل تفجير المنامة .. والمعارضة تتبرأ منها
The Bahraini regime attempts to take advantage of the explosion near al-Manama and put some of the opposition groups, such as al-Wifaq group, on a terrorist list.

حملة اعتقالات بحرينية عقب تفجير المنامة
The Bahraini authorities launched a massive campaign of raids and arrests following the death of three policemen in a remotely detonated bomb during a protest last week.

15 عاماً من حكم الملك حمد: البحرين في حالة يرثى لها
Abbas Bousafwan reflects on the situation in Bahrain after fifteen years of the reign of King Hamad bin Issa al-Khalifa.

محو اسم إسرائيل من خرائط طيران الاتحاد الإماراتي
The UAE's Etihad Airways removes the name of Israel from the maps of its airplanes.

الوليد بن طلال يمنح فلسطين أربعة ملايين دولار لإقامة مشاريع زراعية صغيرة
Prince Walid bin Talal donates four billion dollars to the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture to establish small agricultural projects.

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