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Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (December 17)

[A US drone strike killed seventeen members of a wedding party in Yemen this week. Image from] [A US drone strike killed seventeen members of a wedding party in Yemen this week. Image from]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]

Regional and International Relations

Oman: No Gulf-wide union for us Dahlia Kholaif writes on the fate of the Saudi proposal of a union including the six members of the Gulf Cooperation Council states following the Omani rejection of the idea.

Gulf widens as Iran returns from cold Ian Black examines the failure of Saudi Arabia to push for its union proposal during the Gulf Cooperation Council summit held in Kuwait last week.

Bahrain looking forward to Gulf Union – King Habib Toumi reports on the Bahraini king’s enthusiastic support of a union between the six Gulf states. 

A summary of the 34th GCC summit communiqué The communiqué issued by the Gulf Cooperation Council at the end of the summit held in Kuwait, which focuses on relations with Iran, economic integration, Egypt, Syria, and Palestine.

Saudi Arabia and Iran must end their proxy war in Syria Fawaz Gerges argues that peace talks on Syria will not succeed without reaching a compromise between the two Gulf states.

Gulf Arab leaders urge Iran to prove its goodwill Rania El Gamal maintains that the language used by the Gulf Cooperation Council towards Iran during the summit held in Kuwait has softened from last year.

Qatari-funded fuel enters Gaza to ease power crisis
Nidal al-Mughrabi reports on the arrival of fuel, paid for by Qatar, in Gaza.

Reports and Opinions

Relief aids Gulf nations’ soft power push Ismael Naar argues that the Gulf states have been boosting their political profile through foreign aid.

Saudi activist ‘sentenced to lashes and jail’ Omar al-Saeed, a member of the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Associations, is sentenced for prison and lashes for calling for a constitutional monarchy and speaking about human rights violations.

Two Guantanamo prisoners transferred to Saudi Arabia A news report on the transfer of Saad Muhammed Qahtani and Hamood Abdulla Hamood to Saudi custody.

Saudi religious leader condemns suicide attacks The Saudi grand mufti condemns suicide bombings as grave crimes and sins.

Gulf chill over UK fighter sales Richard Norton-Taylor and Nick Hopkins examine the British prime minister’s efforts to convince Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates to buy British Typhoon jets.

Crisis in Yemen

Yemen wedding hit by deadly air strike At least thirteen people were killed by an air strike suspected to be carried out by a US drone.

Death toll from US strike on Yemeni wedding reaches 17 An update on the death toll of the air strike on a wedding convoy.

Yemenis demand US apologize for deadly wedding strike The relatives of Yemeni civilians killed in a drone strike demand an apology and compensation.

Yemen TV airs cold-blooded Al Qaida assault Yemen TV broadcasts horrific footage of the attack on the Ministry of Defense hospital last week.

Yemen says air strike targeted al Qaeda leaders
A Yemeni official asserts that the wedding procession targeted last Thursday was mistaken for al-Qaeda convoy.

Drone strikes must end, Yemen’s parliament says Hakim Almasmari reports on the Yemeni parliament’s vote against US drone strikes, following t fatal strike on a wedding convoy last week.

Insight: In Yemen, al Qaeda gains sympathy amid U.S. drone strikes Yara Bayoumy reflects on the sympathy with al-Qaeda in Yemen due to the US drone strikes, which claimed the lives of many civilians in the country.

Japanese diplomat stabbed in Yemen kidnap bid: source The second secretary at the Japanese embassy in Sanaa suffers several wounds during a kidnap attempt.

Migrant Workers

Qatar to publish report into claims of abuse of World Cup migrant workers Martin Chulov writes on the report investigating claims of abuse of migrant workers to be published by Qatar in the next few weeks.

Saudi Arabia migrant expulsions: ‘They beat us. I want to warn others not to go’ Elissa Jobson reports on the treatment of Ethiopian workers in the kingdom.


Charity sets up Yemeni training centre for journalists Roy Greenslade blogs on the MBI Al Jaber Media Institute, established by a Saudi businessman Mohamed Al Jaber in Sanaa, to train journalists.

Al Jazeera denies report its Cairo office was raided The Qatari channel denies a report that claimed one of its closed offices in Cairo was raided and that eleven Qatari citizens were arrested.

Human Rights

Kuwait: Court Deals Blow to Free Speech Human Rights Watch deplores the Kuwaiti Constitutional Court’s rejection of a challenge of an article in the penal code for its conflict with free speech guarantees in the constitution.

Bahrain – Imprisoned human rights defender Zainab Al-Khawaja harassed while receiving medical care The Gulf Center for Human Rights expresses its concern over the activist’s health and ill-treatment while in detention.


‫"‬حوار المنامة": طمأنة أميركية للحلفاء بشأن إيران مسقط ترفض فكرة الاتحاد الخليجي ودرع الجزيرة
An analysis of the Manama Dialogue, a security forum held in Bahrain, and Oman's rejection of the Saudi union proposal and of the expansion of the Peninsula Shield Force.

مصادر القلق في أوساط الدفاع والأمن
Jamil Mattar analyzes the Omani response to Saudi Arabia's union proposal during the Manama Dialogue.

قمة الكويت تتستر على الانقسامات الخليجية
The Gulf Cooperation Council summit, held in Kuwait, turns a blind eye to divisions among the Gulf states.

دفع سعودية لفكرة الاتحاد في غياب الملك: ترحيب خليجي بالاتفاق النووي
A news report on the Gulf Cooperation Council summit, and Saudi Arabia's union proposal.

القمة الخليجية اليوم: الاتحاد وهم أم حقيقة؟
An article on the feasibility of a currency or customs union among the Gulf states.

إيران والقمة الخليجية
Mohammed Kraishan analyzes differences and divisions among the Gulf Cooperation Council states with regard to Iran.

السعودية تتراجع امام ايران في الخليج
An editorial on the increasing rift between Saudi Arabia and Oman in light of the former's efforts to contain Iran.

السعودية تلوح بقطع مساعدات مجلس التعاون الخليجي عن عمان
Ahmed al-Masri writes on the Saudi threats to cut off aid provided by the Gulf Cooperation Council states to Oman.

القمة الخليجية تفتتح أعمالها اليوم: "الاتحاد" المؤجل
Haifa Zaiter reflects on the Gulf Cooperation Council summit, and the Omani rejection of Saudi hegemony.

مجلس التعاون الخليجي: تفكك قبل الوحدة
Madawi al-Rasheed writes on the fragmentation of the Gulf Cooperation Council before the union.

السعودية وإسرائيل: تحالف الكارهين
Thuray Asi analyzes the Saudi-Israeli alliance.

السيد والرئيس وبينهما السعودية
Alaa al-Mawla examines the positions of the Lebanese president and the Secretary General of Hizballah towards Saudi Arabia.

أحلام الإمبراطورية السعودية على أنقاض دمشق
Issam Zayat examines the Saudi imperial dreams at the expense of the destruction of Syria.

موت معلن في السعودية
Noura bin Afish writes on the execution of prisoners in Saudi Arabia.  

السعودية: ملتزمون العمل مع الأمم المتحدة لإصلاح مجلس الأمن
The Saudi crown prince asserted the kingdom's commitment to reform the Security Council in conjunction with the United Nations.

فرص التحالف الشيعي الخليفي في البحرين
Abbas Bousafwan argues that the Shi'a in the Gulf states are not one homogenous group with unified interests and aspirations, and that there is the possibility of an alliance between the Bahraini crown prince and some Shi'a Islamists in the country.

البحرين: 1000 يوم ثورة
Ahmed Youssef marks the thousandth day of revolution in Bahrain.

تواصل محاكمة 'الخلية الإخوانية' في الإمارات
A news report on the resumption of the trial of members of the "Muslim Brotherhood cell" in the United Arab Emirates.

اليمن: إطلاق سراح صحافية هولندية وزوجها بعد 6 أشهر من الاختطاف
Khalid Hamadi reports on the release of a Dutch journalist and her husband who were kidnapped in Yemen six months ago.

العثور على جثة مسؤول في الشرطة اليمنية مذبوحاً
The Yemeni authorities found the body of an officer in the Yemeni army.

اليمن: الدولة المدنية وليست الفدرالية هي الحل
'Abd Al-Wahhab Al-Omrani argues that a civil state, rather than federalism, is the solution for the Yemeni crisis.

البرلمان اليمني يصوت بمنع استخدام الطائرات الأمريكية بدون طيار لملاحقة المدنيين بشبهة الانتماء للقاعدة
The Yemeni parliament votes against the use of US drones to target al-Qaeda affiliated suspects.

في اليمن: 'القاعدة' تكسب التعاطف بسبب الغارات الأمريكية
Yara Bayoumy reflects on the sympathy with al-Qaeda in Yemen due to the US drone strikes, which have claimed the lives of many civilians in the country.

اليمن يبث صوراً مروعة لتفجير وزارة الدفاع وقتل الضحايا بدم بارد
Yemen TV broadcasted horrific pictures of the explosion that targeted the Ministry of Defense hospital last week.

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