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Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (December 10)

[Former Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld (left) escorts Prince Bandar Bin Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz (right) through an honor cordon and into the Pentagon for a meeting on Feb. 5, 2001. Image from Wikimedia.] [Former Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld (left) escorts Prince Bandar Bin Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz (right) through an honor cordon and into the Pentagon for a meeting on Feb. 5, 2001. Image from Wikimedia.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]

Regional and International Relations

Hezbollah blames Saudi for embassy attack The Secretary General of Hezbollah accuses Saudi Arabia of being behind the twin attacks on the Iranian embassy in Beirut two weeks ago.

Bibi and Bandar Badger Obama Franklin Lamb writes about what he calls the “Saudi-Israel-Arab League collaboration” and the pressure it is exerting on Washington to fund the Syrian rebels.

Lines of the Game: Protecting Saudi From Israel Sami Kleib argues that Arab countries need to protect Saudi Arabia from the influence of Israel.

Mass murder in the Middle East is funded by our friends the Saudis Patrick Cockburn provides scathing criticism of US, British, and European governments for their silence on the financial support that al-Qaeda and different Jihadist movements receive from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states.

Saudi call for Gulf Arab union faces hurdles at summit Rania El Gamal argues that differences over Egypt, Syria, and Iran mean that the Gulf monarchs do not speak with one voice. 

Iran, Saudi strategists spar, swap ideas, over Gulf security William MacLean and Yara Bayoumy report on the speeches of delegates from Iran and the Gulf states during the Manama Dialogue—a security forum held in Bahrain.

Chuck Hagel reassures Gulf nations Iran deal with not stop flow of US arms The US defense secretary attends the Manama Dialogue and assures Gulf regimes that the nuclear deal with Iran will not affect arms sale to them.

Reports and Opinions

Protesters cleared over storming of Kuwaiti parliament Seventy Kuwaiti opposition figures, including nine former members of parliament, are cleared of charges of attempting to storm the parliament in 2011.

Tourist visas to be introduced The Saudi regime decides to start issuing tourist visas for foreigners interested in visiting historical sites.

From the archive, 3 December 1971: Editorial: The birth of the United Arab Emirates The Guardian republishes the 1971 editorial to mark the forty-second anniversary of the independence of the Gulf state.

Saudi Arabia beheads Pakistani man over drugs A news report on the most recent beheading in the kingdom.

Crisis in Yemen

The US killed my brother with a drone. I want to know why Mohammed Al Qawli argues that US citizens must exert pressure on their government to end drone strikes on innocent people.

Al Qaeda thrives in Yemen amid weak security, stalled dialogue Yara Bayoumy analyzes the increase of attacks launched by al-Qaeda in Yemen.

Violence in Yemen: Who is to blame An article on the factors behind the resurgence of violence in Yemen.

Gunmen kill two senior officers in Yemen: security source A news report on the assassination of two high-ranking officers in the Yemeni army.

Deadly attacks hit Yemen defence ministry in Sanaa A news report on a series of attacks on the Yemeni ministry of defense, which left fifty-two people dead.

Al-Qaeda claims attack on Yemen defence ministry Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula claims responsibility for the attacks on the ministry of defense.

Yemeni residents of Sanaa’s Old City shaken by rare attack Peter Salisbury describes the scene at Bab al-Yemen following the attack on the ministry of defense.

Yemen says regains ministry compound, 12 militants killed Mohammed Ghobari reports on a statement issued by the Yemeni government with regard to its control of the ministry of defense.

Yemen’s response to brazen attacks inadequate Sevag Kechichian argues that the Yemeni authorities need to have a transparent investigation into the attacks on the ministry of defense.

Yemen’s presidential adviser survives attack Yassin Said Noman escapes an assassination attempt.

Migrant Workers

Saudis expel 100,000 Ethiopians The kingdom deports thousands of Ethiopian workers following the crackdown on migrant workers.


The 10 best films of 2013, No 10 – Wadjda Henry Barnes writes on the ten best films this year, choosing the Saudi film as one of them.


Jailed Yemeni journalist receives Human Rights Defenders award Martin Chulov writes about Abduelah Haider Shaye, who chronicled US drone strikes in Yemen and is accused of terrorism by Washington.

Lebanon: Hezbollah Media Apologize to Bahrain Regime Noureddine Baltayeb, Zakia Dirani, and Bassem Alhakim blast the apology that Hezbollah's al-Manar TV extended to the Bahraini regime for its previous coverage of the Bahraini uprising. 

Lebanon: Those Responsible for Bahrain Apology Must Resign Ibrahim al-Amin maintains that those at al-Manar TV who issued the apology to the Bahraini regime should be held accountable for their actions.

Human Rights

Dispatches: UAE – Yes to Film Festivals, No to Free Expression Nicholas McGeehan, from Human Rights Watch, writes about the Gulf state, which is organizing an international film festival but keeping five directors in jail.

Kuwait – Travel ban on human rights defender Rana al-Saadoun The Gulf Center for Human Rights condemns the Kuwaiti authorities’ decision to ban al-Saddoun from traveling.

Yemen –Targeting of human rights defenders and journalists continues The Gulf Center for Human Rights expresses its concerns over the targeting of journalists and activists in Yemen.


نصرالله: السعودية وراء تفجير السفارة الايرانية
The Secretary General of Hezbollah accuses the Saudi regime of being behind the twin attacks on the Iranian embassy in Beirut two weeks ago.

جنبلاط: المستحسن اتهام إسرائيل لا السعودية بتفجير "الإيرانية"
Walid Junblatt replies to Hassan Nasrallah's accusation of Saudi Arabia, and maintains that it is better to accuse Israel of the explosions near the Iranian embassy.

الرياض تشن حرباً مفتوحة على حزب الله… وبيئته
Nassir Sharara argues that Riyadh is waging an open war on Hezbollah.

بهدوء | متى تستدير السعودية؟
Nahidh Hitter wonders when the Saudi regime will change its regional politics.

بندر يعود إلى بوتين .. بعد فشله سورياً
Mohammed Ballout analyzes Prince Bandar bin Sultan's second trip to Moscow, which aimed to convince Vladimir Putin to change his position towards the Syrian regime.

ارتياح في الرياض من نتائج المباحثات: بندر بن سلطان يطلب من موسكو تزويد السعودية بمفاعلات نووية
An assessment of Prince Bandar bin Sultan's recent trip to Moscow.

ظريف يزور السعودية قريباَ
The Iranian foreign minister is expected to visit Saudi Arabia in the near future.

السعودية: العدو إيران وليست (إسرائيل)!
Rashad Abu Shawar criticizes Prince Walid bin Talal's remarks on Iran being the major enemy of Sunni Muslims and the Arab countries, and asserts that Israel, rather than Iran, is the enemy.

السعودية مغفورة الذنب!
Fouad Ibrahim examines Saudi diplomacy in light of its strained relations with Washington and its anxiety about any rapprochement between Tehran and Washington.

العلاقات البريطانية - السعودية غير مشروطة بالاصلاح
Said al-Shihabi argues that the report issued by the British Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, which criticized the British government's silence over human rights violations in Saudi Arabia, will not have an impact on Saudi-British relations.

خلافات سعودية عمانية تظلل قمة الكويت
A news report on Saudi-Omani disagreements on the eve of a Gulf Cooperation Council's extraordinary summit.

أول انتحارية سعودية تنضم إلى "ذاعش" في سوريا وتثير الجدل
Rima Shari writes about the first Saudi female suicide bomber, Nada al-Qahtani, who joined "The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" in Syria.

الدوحة تتودد للقاهرة: قطريون يبحثون زيادة استثماراتهم في مصر
Aya al-Gharib examines the Qatari authorities' efforts to mend its relations with Egypt.

قطر تتراجع عن ترحيل اللبنانيين
The Qatari regime rescinds its decision to deport five Lebanese nationals.

مشاركة أميركية وإيرانية.. وانتشار أمني مكثف: منتدى "حوار المنامة" ينطلق اليوم
A news report on the beginning of the Manama Dialogue, held yesterday amid heavy security precautions.

البحرين: دعوات للتظاهر تزامناً مع "حوار المنامة"
Opposition groups in Bahrain call for protests during the Manama Dialogue.

هل تعود المعارضة البحرينية إلى طاولة الحوار؟
An article on whether the Bahraini opposition will participate again in the national dialogue.

الاعتذار واجب من الشعب البحريني: "حزب الله" لا يغطي سقطة "المنار"
Noureddine Baltayeb, Zakia Dirani, and Bassem Alhakim blast the apology that Hezbollah's al-Manar TV extended to the Bahraini regime for its previous coverage of the Bahraini uprising.  

المحاسبة تلازم الاعتذار
Ibrahim al-Amin details the unfolding of al-Manar TV's apology to the Bahraini authorities and Hasan Nasrallah's criticism of the apology, and argues that al-Manar TV should be held accountable for the apology.

قشة الاعتذار
Hussein Youssef analyzes the Bahraini authorities' keen desire to cling to al-Manar TV's apology.

غضب وتشف قبل أن "يظهر الحق"
Zainab Hawi analyzes the anger and gloating triggered by al-Manar TV's apology to the Bahraini authorities.

السلطات اليمنية تحقق مع 20 عنصرا من 'القاعدة' يشكلون 3 خلايا في البلاد
The Yemeni authorities are interrogating twenty people suspected of being members of three al-Qaeda cells.

اليمن | الإرهاب يطاول وزارة الدفاع ويحصد العشرات
A suicide bomber and masked militants attacked the ministry of defense in Yemen last week, which left twenty peoples dead.

اليمن | الجيش يستعيد وزارة الدفاع من "القاعدة"
The Yemeni army regains control over the ministry of defense after it was attacked by al-Qaeda affiliated militants.

الرئيس اليمني يعلن مشاركته في عملية تطهير وزارة الدفاع من 'الإرهابيين' الخميس الماضي
The Yemeni president announced that he took part in the operation of "cleansing" the ministry of defense from militants last week.

مصادر يمنية: القاعدة مجرد (أداة) لاقتحام وزارة الدفاع للانقضاض على التسوية السياسية: غموض كبير يحيط بالعملية
وإشارات الى تورط أطراف أخرى

Khalid al-Hamadi provides an account of the debates on the Yemeni army's decision to storm the ministry of defense.  

نجاة مستشار للرئيس اليمني من محاولة اغتيال
An adviser to the Yemeni president escaped an assassination attempt yesterday.

اليمن: اغتيال ضابطين كبيرين في تعز والبيضاء ومحاولة فاشلة ضد أمين عام الحزب الاشتراكي
Khalid Hamadi reports on the assassination of two high-ranking officers in the Yemeni army recently.

اليمن: مقتل 9 أشخاص في اشتباكات حضرموت
Nine people died in clashes between militants and the Yemeni army at a checkpoint in Hadramawt.

إرهاب يعصف باليمن.. 220 ضحية
A news report on the escalating violence in Yemen, which left more than two hundred people dead.

‫"‬منظمة التجارة" تضم اليمن إلى صفوفها
The World Trade Organization accepts Yemen as a member after thirteen years of negotiation.

المقاتلون السعوديون في سوريا … من الخلايا الأولى إلى النفير
Abdullali Suleiman Ali writes on Saudi fighters in Syria.

أثيوبيا: 100 ألف عادوا من السعودية
More than one hundred thousand Ethiopians leave Saudi Arabia after the crackdown on migrant workers in the kingdom.

الكويت: ترفض إلغاء عقوبة التطاول على الأمير
Kuwait's Constitutional Court turns down a request to annul jail sentences for insulting the emir.

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